Ewww... Blood.

Dripping Blood...wheeee!

A collection of entertaining quotes from current and previous games, taken from email, IM, whatever......ENJOY!!! I know I do ;-) Brand-sockin new Fall 2003 quotes in pink for your viewing convenience.

AKAPurple9: i made #2 on arjun's hit list
BaseballFrog12: I saw that
AKAPurple9: i am a "dark empress of death"
BaseballFrog12: you're the dark empress of death
AKAPurple9: heehee
BaseballFrog12: you must be very proud
AKAPurple9: i am
AKAPurple9: i think i'm going to put it on my resume
BaseballFrog12: oh you definitely should

Tre K Dan III: and then ian will kill dana and win
Tre K Dan III: that's my prediction, anyways
AKAPurple9: what about me?
AKAPurple9: dana will kill me :-(
Tre K Dan III: yeah
Tre K Dan III: she's a backstabber if ever i saw one

BaseballFrog12: so then we'll win against the rest of the alliance
BaseballFrog12: and then you and Dana get to kill me off
AKAPurple9: i think you'll win this one
BaseballFrog12: I think you guys have an inherent advantage
AKAPurple9: as soon as it's only the 3 of us, dana will have me dead in no time
BaseballFrog12: what if she doesn't want to kill you?
AKAPurple9: oh, i think she wants to kill me
BaseballFrog12: what makes you think that?
AKAPurple9: dan says she's a backstabber
BaseballFrog12: =-O

BaseballFrog12: good work
BaseballFrog12: way to go, killer
AKAPurple9: thanks
AKAPurple9: can that be my new nickname?
AKAPurple9: yes
BaseballFrog12: I officially make that your new nickname.
BaseballFrog12: I'll announce it at the next meeting.
AKAPurple9: excellent
BaseballFrog12: Arjun offered me an alliance earlier today
BaseballFrog12: I declined
AKAPurple9: good work
AKAPurple9: what did you tell him?
BaseballFrog12: something about alliances not really being worthwhile in the fall game since there are so few people
AKAPurple9: LOL

AKAPurple9: eric is thinking of telling his little that chris harig has her
AKAPurple9: convince him not to tell her
BaseballFrog12: why would I be able to convince him if you're not?
AKAPurple9: just pressure him
BaseballFrog12: I told him we'd kill him if he tells her, whether he's your boyfriend or not
AKAPurple9: do you know who has him?
BaseballFrog12: no
AKAPurple9: but we can pretend?
BaseballFrog12: of course
AKAPurple9: k :-)

To BaseballFrog12:
Holms14: you're like a mafia boss
Holms14: you have everyone's best interests at heart as long as they are loyal to the family

Ahh, the perils of having a roommate who's an initiate. He'll be the death of me. Or I'll be the death of him. Mwahahahahahaha.
>:-) Dan Herstine

so if you would be as gracious as to give me that information, i'll be happy to kill them for you, possibly as early as study hours tonight. "helly says kill, helly says kill!"
>:) Cat

So um, apparently i'm playing assassins thanks to a gift from some higher being... I killed Liz Hartman, 12:10pm, Ag Quad. I was leaving a class that I was performing at when I saw her walk past and I said "Oh, what I pity that I haven't armed myself"...and I reached into my jacket pocket and I had a pair of socks! It was crazy weird. :) And so I walked up behind her as fast as my gimpy knee would let me.
Kate "kneeless wonder" :)

Helly Cat, Am I a rogue assassin??? ....Maybe we can work something out.
p.s. watch your back, grow eyes in the back of your head, and sleep with one eye open.... :P :P :P ;) ;) ;)

I couldn't help myself. I'm a pacifist. I believe that violence is never the solution to a problem. Yet this afternoon when I saw the person you ordered me to kill I don't know what happened. I lost control. I wasn't myself, and I brutally murdered Roxanne with a sock.
Adam Towsley

10:00 am, Baker: Diesel go bye-bye
10:05 am, outside Rockefeller, Chris Harig go bye-bye
....But now I have the last laugh...

I've figured it all out- I have low self esteem and I have to kill people to make me feel better about myself. It's tragic, really. Especially for hapless Diane, who perished at 7:30 in the 4th floor Sheldon lounge. But really, when someone puts something in their profile that says "Assassin, where are you? I should be an easy target", can you really blame me for taking her out? She was a good sport, though- shame her life had to end this way.

Ok, so I'm studying in uris (7 pm) with my nose stuck in my biochem book when i hear familiar voices from the next carrel. I peek over the divider and see Jenny giving Tones a massage! Naturally, I socked her. lol, I say to Tones, "you're such a massage whore! Jenny, me, hannah, jen...who else?" Tones: "not really...well, vinny, helen..."

gSlaP99: craziness [after waiting in the bathroom for over an hour with dana standing outside before dan came to the rescue]

I killed Megan, she was socked shortly before last Sunday's meeting in Ivy Room. Innocently consuming her breakfast she had become unaware of the sock (fresh off the foot) flying towards the back of her head.

Grrr...one of the people who I helped and thought I could trust! I sacrificed my life for my committee at noon today...as Arjun was handing over some committee forms, he also handed over a sock. :(
Jen B


You are the nicest person in all the world, even if you like to spawn undead terminators... :)

[from Cat]
thought you might get a kick out of this...after a failed assassination attempt in Corson hall this morning, i sent Arjun an email saying "you're out of your element. go back to your engineering quad." and i got this: "His majesty, the Emperor Arjunius Supremus, may roam the empire as he sees fit and make war upon whomever deserves such action. Hail the Arjunian Empire!"

Ian Wang is dead, unholy master!
7:30pm Not-so-Friendly's
May I have a kitten?

Subject Heading: 1, 2, 2 two engineers dead, ah ah ah ah
Tavon is no more, Eric HW next on the menu.
Mike McCabe

Subject: Eric HW is very dead, no matter what happened with Heather
Heather's shot may have grazed his shoulder, but I firmly implanted a sock in the back of his head, so he's most certainly dead now.
P.S. The warm blood felt very good on my COLD undead body

I braved rain, wind, and blowing snow. I sat there, for 30 minutes!! waiting for him to show up. After a while, every single guy that walked in looked like him. But I kept waiting patiently. And finally, I saw him. At approximately 2:30 pm, as Adam Towsley entered Statler Hall to attend his Intro to Wines class, he was greeted by a small sock. =)

Terminator Andre reporting in.
On behalf of Terminator Kathy Devlin I report that William Keim has been terminated. On behalf of myself I report that Kris Ann Brady has been terminated.
Terminator Andre out.

With respect to my wound, it seems Cat decided to give me a head start on my way home. I made it to the Law school, legs still very sore from softball, and turned around at the sound of someone running, 40 ft away, a killer dead-set on ending my life was barrelling towards me, before I had conscious thought, I turned and ran as fast as I could trying to ignore the blinding pain, luckily my burst of speed was enough to fool my would-be assassin into thinking that I could make it home at such a pace. 20 seconds after hearing a disgruntled "screw it" I finally stopped my mad dash and turned to see my assassin nowhere in sight. I then proceeded to hobble home and cut through the back woods to get inside. I'm not so sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow, but I am definitely alive and will be ready for active duty as soon as my next assignment is given.
A very sore Mike

Thank God I decided against wearing flip flops today...
Jason Ortega 1:04pm Trillium
Probably not the most sanitary place to kill someone with a sock just taken off your foot, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Helen that is not fair:(
I actually had a plan to kill him this evening. Plus, I absolutely refuse to kill my littles. Sorry.

Paranoia at it's best...
starfruit2306: when i was walking to dinner, while i was walking across the bridge, this girl was walking in the opposite direction, towards me, and suddenly, when she got like near me, she started slowing down, and she reached into her pocket, and i got soooo scared, and i kinda jumped and ran
starfruit2306: hahahahaha...it turns out she was taking a picture of the gorge or something
starfruit2306: >_<

Vinchenza8: i ran into dana smith today on the eng bridge
Vinchenza8: and it was so funny cuz
Vinchenza8: as soon as we waved to each other and passed by each other
Vinchenza8: we both turned around
Vinchenza8: to look back at each other
Vinchenza8: and we both cracked up

Vinchenza8: and then tonight i ran into demetri at olin cafe
Vinchenza8: and i was gonna lean in for ahug
Vinchenza8: when all of a sudden we both realized what the circumstances were
Vinchenza8: and we stopped midway
Vinchenza8: and slowly inched backward

Vinchenza8: although today, i tried to lock my door still keeping my feet inside the house
Vinchenza8: didn't work too well..
Dragonspyt: you tried to lock your door while still keeping your feet inside the house?
Dragonspyt: i don't think i understand
Vinchenza8: yeah cuz as soon as i step out of the hosue
Vinchenza8: i'm game
Vinchenza8: but u see, u can't keep your feet inside the house and close the door
Vinchenza8: it just doesnt' work

At Ivy Room...
Helen: *jokingly* yeah, she's [cat] probably waiting for you around the corner
Megan: I bet she IS! That bitch!

kumo 014: mwahahaha, this time i'm going to kill and kill hard

EarthForce AR: Hey...who's my assassin?
EarthForce AR: :-)
Dragonspyt: who do u think it is?
Dragonspyt: =P
EarthForce AR: I can't live like this.... I'm already having panic attacks just walking around here
Dragonspyt: lol
EarthForce AR: And my head is all congested right now.... what a time for a sadistic game!!!

jennylee781: it was funny
jennylee781: when Shirley came... Bolcar noticed me taking out a sock... and he started to go warn her
jennylee781: but Judy grabbed his arm
jennylee781: and he yelled to her to run
jennylee781: and I had to kind of run after her
jennylee781: :-\
Dragonspyt: lol
jennylee781: and she was like , please dont kill me
jennylee781: I was like, I'm so sorry but i Have to

Hello Undead Spawn of the Dragon,
I'm sure that you never expected to receive any communication from your prey,
whose blood you savor like nothing else in your after-lives.
I write now only to appeal to any shred of humanity left in your Dragon-controlled, socked corpses.
As far as I can figure, I currenly have at least 7 of you plotting my demise, in addition to my assassin.
Surviving your wrath has already been a somewhat daunting task, and I'm sure it will only continue to grow more difficult in the days ahead,
as your bloodthirst grows and your master continues her inhuman cries for my head.
You four, I have known and cared about as friends, in your past lives. We were friends and cohorts in adventures of all kinds.
Surely you each remember something nice I've done for you?
I ask you all, please, look deep within yourselves and find it in your now worm-infested hearts to give me just a little time,
a small window of 24 hours or so, to go and accomplish my task of killing my first target. I desire to leave this game with some honor.
Please don't kill me. Give me just a little time.
I imagine that you each know of the other Terminators that are after me, and if you do, please tell them of my request too.
All I ask is a little bit of time. If you give me a chance, I know I can do you all proud.
Thank you, and watch out for necrophiliacs,

Atlas1024: yo, you send your minions after me all day long
Atlas1024: i thought things were so friendly between us last night, and today all i get is attack after attack
Dragonspyt: when they try to assassinate u has nothing to do with me!
Atlas1024: there were no assassins, only undead demons!!!
Atlas1024: they were walking around like zombies saying, "helly says kill, helly says kill!"

I want to be a terminator. Anything with the prefix "undead" is cool. Even if I were an undead fairy I'd think it was cool.
Must have blood...

> > - Helly will NOT be an assassin this semester (unlike last semester). As much fun as it is, I'll let the undead do the dirty work for me.
That statement makes you sound so much like Satan sending out your demonic spawn to create chaos in the world.
:-D Will

Jamie is no more.
Eric HW

Katie's a psycho killer!!!
- Jen b

Mere minutes after talking to you today on tower road, I beat Alexis to death with a sock in Ives!!!
Have a good day:)

Mission Background:
Target: William Keim
Time and Location: 11:01 AM, Rockefeller 230
Operation GRIFFIN POUNDER now in planning stages
--Arjun Rao (PSP AssassinCCom link now terminated....)

I have received my target and will do my best to succeed in my mission and
avenge my father's father's father's goldfish's former owners pet iguana death.

Ok--so it took two days longer than expected cause Liz skipped class, but now there is only one living exec
board member, Vinny, and she needs to die because she has my little. I now have katie.
Oh--time of death for Liz was 9:05 AM in the entrance to Rockefeller.
Time of death for Eric Margolesky was 3:15 PM not 6PM
Now back to our regularly scheduled socking.

He tried to run from me he he he.
- Jason (about Eric HW)
Helly, just killed a man,
put a sock against his head,
pulled my trigger now he's dead,
Helly, 6:40pm had just begun,
But now I've gone and taken it all away...duhn duhhh,
Helly, ooooaaaooohh, I did it in the low rise (7),
If Arjun's not gone this time tomorrow, carry on, carry
on, cuz nothin really matters...
- Cat (about Nate)

Life Status: Covert Operative: Arjun Rao--TERMINATED
Approx. 10:40 PM Cascadilla Hall, outside official VP residence
COVERT OPERATIVE STATUS: Arjun Rao--KIA. Eliminated by enemy agent in surprise ambush, Cascadilla Sector.
Note to surviving units: Agent considered armed and extremely dangerous...recommend new defensive tactics
and deployment of heavy artillery. END REPORT

Nositall: I'M STILL ALLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!! [after being chased by Dan from WSH to Ravenwood]

Subject heading: BOLCAR IS DEAD
Hey Helen,
Just to let you know that Bolcar was hit with the sock
today after many failing atempts through out the week.
The best part was watching him beg for his life. Talk to you later.

count me in helen!! can i kill adam?!!
gerald g.

Ooohhh Oooohh Ooohh!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!
Here's my resume.
Name: Mike McCabe
Code name: Agent 13
Objective: To mercilessly slaughter.
Qualifications: 4 really cool kills
Relevant Courses: Socking 101, 201, 437
Sneaking 302, Surprize 215
Deciet 632
Intrests and Hobbies: Sock throwing
Ah, the joys of being undead.

At 5:10pm in 163 Riley-Rob computer lab Claude Mayo ceased to function.
Cause: - Andre Harrison.

Hi Helen,
Thanks for the target....I will spend the rest of the day busily washing socks =)

Excellent. I have received my target.
The socks are being packed and its time to start walking around in my giant hamster wheel.

Target received, let the killing commence!

I understand my mission to seek and destroy... :-)
~~Jamie Nicole~~

Yup, my target is Dana.....time to hide.

K Helly got it babe.
One quick question though: All I have to do is hit him wih a sock and thats it? Or is there more to it?

Can't wait for ASSASSINS!!!
All you PSPers better know that I stalked a lot of boys in high school,
so now I have the skills and experience to win this game.
Better write your obituaries now, cuz my sock is on the prowl!!!!
(Cat's profile)

KalcKid: Assassins had it first casualty
KalcKid: My doorknob
Dragonspyt: your doorknob
KalcKid: Yeah
KalcKid: It's no longer on the door
KalcKid: I turned the key a little too hard while arjun held the key from the inside
KalcKid: So it no longer works
Dragonspyt: lol
KalcKid: This was after arjun and I were having target practice out in the hallway with socks

ji5a: If I kick my target with a socked foot, is that a valid kill?
Dragonspyt: no
ji5a: No?
Dragonspyt: that's the only way a sock wouldn't be able to kill someone
ji5a: Ahhh dang.
ji5a: Thanks anyhow :-)
Dragonspyt: you can take the sock off your foot and then slap it at them =)
ji5a: That's so icky I may just have to do it.

Lizzardie: besides, exec board needs to stick together
Lizzardie: except i don't trust ryan

just to remind you that BetterThanHugh was indeed assassinated by Vinny
(geez Vinny of all people!!!!!!)
ps oh yeah, i want in on being a terminator....

hey helen...katie killed me at 11 this morning...how she
actually found me (considering i never go to that class)
is amazing, especially since when i do go i usually
wonder around campus afterwards...she obviously did tons
of research-very impressive...okie talk to you later:)
roxanne, deceased:(

Hey Helly...
Who: Annie Lee
What: Assassinated
When: 7:15 pm
Where: Olin Hall
Why: not being paranoid on the way to a prelim!
Next: Liz Hartman
When: SOON!!!! mwah hah hahhhh!!!

Subject Heading: Like taking candy from a baby
I knew this one would be a piece of cake.
Ithaca, NY A small crowd of zero watched in astonishment at the west campus bus stop near Baker
Flagpole at 8:42 this morning. The assailant, Catharine Hoffman, 20, of Seabeck, WA casually retained
her hands in her pockets as she wandered toward bus 83. The victim, Elizabeth Hartman, ?, of ? unassumingly
ventured toward the same bus. The two made eye contact and smiled briefly before Hoffman flung a white
champion sock out of her pocket and lunged toward Hartman. Hartman was able to emit a small yelp before the weapon was thrust into her jacket.

Craig Lowenthal passed away at 1:40 pm on sunday, april 7, 2002 outside of Campus Hill apartments.
His assailant was not seen giddily skipping away from the crime scene, her thirst for blood quenched after a saturday of drought.

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