Ewww... Blood.

Dripping Blood...wheeee!

The Phi Sigma Pi Assassins Hall of Fame

PSP's Ultimate Assassins

Fall 2004: Ian "Jen" Wang
Spring 2003: Vinny Lee
Fall 2002: Angelina Riley
Spring 2002: Katie "Satanic Sockin' Smurf" Conrad
Spring 2001: Judy "Canadian Silent Sock" Ranns & Liz "Havoc" Hartman

Most Professional

Cat Hoffman - 12 Kills
Judy Ranns - 9 Kills
Liz Hartman - 8 Kills
Ian Wang - 8 kills
Katie Conrad
Mike McCabe
Arjun Rao

The Wil.E.Coyote Award for Most Assassination-Attempts-Gone-Wrong

Dana Smith (for Gerald Griffin) - lol, she deserves to be on there twice ;-)
Heather Feldman (for Eric Holmberg-Weidler)
Arjun Rao (for Cat Hoffman)
Cat Hoffman (for Mike McCabe)
Dana Smith (for Mike McCabe)
Gerald Griffin (for Adam Towsley)
Judy Ranns (for Matt Bolcar)

The Roadrunner Award for Most Spectacular Escape from Assassinations

Lindsey Plotnick (Running all the way from WSH to Ravenwood from Dan Herstine)
Adam Towsley (Running up Tower Road from Gerald Griffin)
Jason Ortega (Sneaking away from Vinny Lee in Noyes)
Herb Wilmoth (For evading all the Krazy Undead Terminators after him)

Best Stalking Skills

Adam Towsley
Kathy Devlin
Chris Harig
Michelle Seo
Cat Hoffman
Katie Conrad
Judy Ranns
Andre Harrison

Most Paranoid

Michelle Seo
Roxanne Tashjian
Vinny Lee

Most Psychotic

Cat Hoffman
Ryan Dickerson

Kraziest Terminator (New Category!)

Andre Harrison
Kathy Devlin
Chris Harig
Heather Feldman
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