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Created: April 26, 1998
Last updated: February 13, 2004

Hi! :)

Welcome and thank you for visiting my homepage. Here you can find some information about me and my research interests.

I like nature, people, diversity, free communication, and creativity. I enjoy doing a lot of things: research, design, programming, travel, ski, hiking, driving, site seeing, meeting new people, studying languages, and learning different cultures. If you ask me to define my main feature, it would be curiousity: trying to understand, learn something new from my experience, my friends, books, classes, etc. I tried myself in several professions before I had returned to school and study for my Ph.D. in Computer Science at UIUC.

I have many friends, that is why I am interested in finding the most effective methods how many people can cooperate and help each other for their mutual benefit. I found that using principles learned from natural evolution and evolutionary computation are helpful to design techniques that allow many people to communicate and interact in a way that is innovative and productive. You can read more about it at I had made those techniques available to everyone by creating a Free Knowledge Exchange project inside Success Formula, which is a non-profit web-based organization founded in 1997 with the goal of helping each member to be more successful through cooperation in solving real-life problems. The web-based software organizes flows of knowledge inside this community in a way promoting their efficient evolution: reproduction, crossover and selection. Free Knowledge Exchange is a free service provided to Success Formula by, so there is no membership fee, please join us, share your problems and solutions and influence goals and purpose of this organization.

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