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Welcome Peoples!

I am a new author and my first e-Book is titled 'Daughter of Man'. I'd love to tell you everything about it!

What I actually mean is that I will give you, a discerning reader of erotica, a few tantalising tit-bits so that you are just left wanting more! ;)

Title: Daughter of Man
Author: Aleisha Browne
Release Date: 1 February 2008
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Menages, Bondage

Copyright � 2007, eXtasy Books



Abduction. Seduction. Annihilation.

Ellen, an ordinary woman, is walking home to a romantic dinner prepared by her boyfriend.
On her way there, a gorgeous, dangerous and virile specimen of a man forcibly abducts her from the realm of earth. He is not human. His immolating seduction overpowers her, as he demands her complete submission in all the ways of carnal pleasure. Again and again.

Heaven has never been this sizzlingly hot nor its angels so sinfully wicked.
Along the journey to discovering her deepest, darkest desires, Ellen erotically encounters many fantastical beings and engages in sensual celestial trysts of every kind - even to the point of surrendering her body to the ultimate Evil. Her actions lead to the threat of annihilation, not only of herself but also of reality.

Is she the hapless sexual plaything of the angels or is there some grand design?
Where does her heart lie? How can she realize her true feelings when the pleasures of the flesh are so overwhelming?

For a free excerpt, please click on the link with the book's title on the right.

I'd love to hear what you think about my story so please do leave a message in my guestbook!
Daughter of Man
eXtasy Books
Review by Fallen Angel Reviews
Interview by Night Owl Romance
Featured as February 2008 release on Fallen Angel Reviews
Copyright (c) 2007, eXtasy Books
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