"Oh, men. Feeble mortals! Tremble from your temerity at the time you do think so blindly of possessing a profound enough science. Bring your spirit beyond your sphere and learn from me before anything undertaken. It will cause you to be resolute and very attentive in observing exactly point by point all that I tell you, without which all will turn to your disadvantage, confusion, and total loss..."
Le Grande Grimoire 1521

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Short Stories, Lectures, and Spells by Alefian Thelanthra

The Final Exam
A Song Mage's Swan Song
A Study in Applied Magicks
When The Wards Come A Tumblin' Down

A Short Story and Spells by the Malnagrane Family

The Witch War
The Malnagrane Spell Compendium - Volume 1
The Malnagrane Spell Compendium - Volume 2

Arcane Lore by Pyronarro
Halruan Thunder

Terrifying Sorcery Messageboard
Terrifying Sorcery Messageboard

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