The Newlyweds:
Mr. & Mrs. Alec Ethan Siebert
Our Wedding was beautiful,
Thank you everyone!
And we'll live happily ever after!

Our wedding day was Saturday January 4, 2003. San Antonio's weather was gorgeous, the downtown area and the Riverwalk were so romantic and still lit up with Christmas lights-- it was a perfect place to get married. We had a beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph's Catholic Church and an elegant reception at the Presidio Plaza.

The photo shown to the left is a snapshot given to us by one of our gorgeous bridesmaids, Melissa Foley. We had just arrived upstairs at the Presidio with the Mariachis (who were wonderful!), and we decided to dance to some of the music before having everyone join us in the dining room. Technically, this was our first dance, and neither one of us can remember what they were playing!
We'll post more details about the wedding soon. First I want to send out thank you cards, I've already started developing arthritis, but it's okay, because its all for LOVE. ~Janina
Our friends and family were so generous and loving to us.
The gift of support and blessings are invaluable to us as we start our lives together. We're very grateful.
Your wedding presents have also
been greatly appreciated. They've made setting up our new place especially fun for Janina.
Thank you for being so thoughtful.
All our love to all of you!
Alec & Janina Siebert
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