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Aldos' Webpage

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This page is now dedicated to Freespace 2, and all the mods (custom ship models) I'm working on. Hopefully I'll sort it out so it looks a bit better in future, and try and get a new location for ya.

Anyway, latest news.

Work on the Wyvern has stalled a bit lately, so I've done a little bit of work on a new ancients fighter - see HERE for the early piccys.


My planned capship has been renamed the SOFg Wyvern (Special Operations Frigate). Click here to go to it's page and see the latest images ;).

I've also decided to enter the Wyvern into the HLP modelling contest. To be honest, it probably doesn't have a hop in hell, but why not? ;). Anyway, the page for my entry is here

(Old News - 16 May 2001) I've decided to move the site to a new location - once I've finished my exams. I'll post the details up here later.

(Old News - 13 May 2001) I've taken down the GTF Claymore pof file for a total re-haul, including (hopefully) new texturing, a full set of LODs, and possibly some base model changes. The table files are also likely to be altered.

I'm also working on a tutorial for adding turrets to ships. There's a hell of a lot of info out there (on the VBB, HLP forums, etc), and I'm working to get a basic guide done to get this all together in one place.

I'm learning this as I write it, the target deadline is for the end of May, possibly early next month after my exams are done (eek!).

Finally, I'll be posting initial images of my future projects in the next few weeks, once I've sorted out my studying, etc.

Ok, that's it, cheers for visiting my webpage!

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