�One fells sorry for persons that live for the past, but

                                                                                                               much more it fells sorry for persons without a past�. 

                                                                                                                                                                                         Unknown author



pon the issue of this Genealogy I take pleasure in presenting to web searchers the history of patriarchal couple Jos� Manoel Lucas Annes and Anna Pereira da Silva Annes and their ancestors and descendants.  His ancestors were born in Azores islands, and also came to Brazil in 1752 with other the groupe of Azorian couples to colonize the city of Rio Grande. In 1763, when this city was conquered by Castilian forces, they were caught to live on a prisioners field in Maldonado, in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.    In 1776, Portuguese forces recovered Rio Grande.   Then was possible to them get back to their lands again.   But the constant Castilian threat made Jos� Manoel Lucas Annes known as "Juca Annes" feel forced to find another more secure place to live with his family. In 1838 to the City of Cruz Alta, where even in 1841 was the candidate to be elect with the majority of votes, and afterwards elect President in the Chamber of Councillors.   At this time  this duty used to correspond the same as Mayor.  Juca Annes was a strong man with an intense dependable personality and used to be away from schemes.   Agriculture,  cattle breeding,  brick factory industry  was among his  main duties. Later, a prosperous commerce and goldsmith took place in partnership by himself and his younger son. 

The descendants of Juca Annes and Anna Pereira da Silva Annes formed important families of Cruz Alta, where can be found: baron, governor, marshal, general, brigadier, mayors, colonels, abolicionists,  city founders, writers, poets, farmers, doctors, cientists, dentists, and many other relatives who left precious memories of strength and social charitable of mind.  They fought for their country and honor, and served each in their vocation with �courage and faith�; while the daughters passed trought life developing the most beautiful characters that could be bestowed on a daugther, wife, or mother --- all imbuied with the principles of their father and mother on the subject of duty; a higher sentiment than ambition, an of more public value than gain. Special stress is laid on their faithfull perfomance of duty, as it constitutes the leading characteristic of the family.

There are since 12.000 to 15.000 descendants from Juca Annes in many regions of Brasil and even foreign countries.    One of his most famous descendants  was the writer �rico Ver�ssimo.  A Juca Annes� great-great-grandson. 


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