Kolibri is an operating system built entirely in assembly.

See the original webpage.

Unfortunately, it is incompatible with executable Windows, having its own set of utilities.

The strengths:

+ 2MB of files and only needs 8MB of RAM to run!

+ Less than 5 seconds to start!

+ Good reliability and stability.


- Not yet available in Portuguese.

- Source code in assembly, difficult for some people.

- Does not have a compiler in Basic or C complete.

- Not very friendly and unknown interface.

- Incompatible with executable Windows XP and seven.

My project:

* Translate into Brazilian Portuguese.

* Modify Freebasic software to compile for kolibrios using FASM.

* Change all source code into freebasic code.

* Modify to run Windows XP Executables.


Reacts is another operating system that runs Windows XP executable and very similar.

See the original webpage.

In my computers, it runs with various problems, while Windows XP, Windows 7 and Kolibri run quietly!

The strengths:

+ Runs Windows XP Executables.

+ Friendly and known interface.

+ Clean and free alternative for those who like windows.

+ Has a high potential for growth and popularity.


- Very unstable, always crashing.

- Confused source code.

- No runs Windows 7 executables.

- Very slow development (started before the year 2000 and still has severe problems).

My project:

* Transcribe the source code to freebasic from the executables.

* Compact as much as possible.

* Modified to run Windows 7 executables.


Nice and powerfull language.

See the original webpage.

The strengths:

+ Easy to learn.

+ Powerful and always updated program


- Compilation only for Windows and DOS.

My project:

* Modify to use Fasm as the assembler compiler.

* Compile to Kolibrios and Reactos directily.

See the Fasm original webpage.

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