Europe 2003 Trip

So I finally did it and took off to Europe this summer for five whole weeks. I've been saying that the trip would happen for years now, so I figured that graduating was a good enough excuse to follow through. I spent two weeks in France (Paris and Lyon) and three weeks in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia and Madrid).

It was SUCH an amazing experience. Everywhere I went there were people doing the same thing that I was, all eager to share experiences and wisdom and friendship. I have to say that the Australian people I met were among my favourite people - cheers to all of you, you know who you are. :) I went to museums, chilled on beaches, shopped everywhere, ate things I couldn't pronounce (but loved) and saw sights I couldn't have prepared myself for. What a trip... literally.

Okay, pictures! Here we go.

Needs no explanation, really.

The grave of Jim Morrison in the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris, France.

Alban and Philippe, two residents of the Auberge de Jeunesse de Vieux Lyon (Youth Hostel, Old Lyon, France). Very cool spot, with one of the best views around.

The rose garden in Parc Tete D'or, Lyon, France.

Me on the train (in the aisle, actually), trying desperately to get out of France. The trains went on strike. 27 hours and countless modes of transport later, we got over the border.

My Aussie friend Stewart meets a street performer on the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. It's Manuel from Faulty Towers, in case you can't read his sign. And yes, that's a feather duster. :)

This is the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea, 5:30 AM on the ferry to Ibiza, Spain. We saw dolphins just prior to this photo being taken.

A matador in the Plaza de Toros, Madrid, Spain just before the end of a bullfight.

I'll post more when I get them scanned!

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