Back in the Day
Give to Take
In Time


rising upwards to forsake the ground
clumsy fingers brush the sky
and the ferryman's coins fall away unused
revealing sight to tender eyes
ears full of echoes born elsewhere
ringing from the crackling of fire

stumble on bloodied feet and broken hands
clinging shadows for a second skin
the remnants of a rebirth
ashes from a former life mixed among
dirt and hopeful tears

from a falsified existence of hollow steps
being now resounds throughout the earth
disturb the quiet leaves on high
rippling throughout the waves

apparitions scatter as truth is sung
one keening note of wrenching triumph
torn from a throat hoarse with silence

perched on a precipice to watch the dawn
the sun welcomes me home

whispers of me to the world

Back In The Day

Labatt's and Keith's
body shots with Cuervo Gold
and the occasional
innocuous glass of water
Were continuously dispensed by
a bartender girl
who sold matches and pawned jewelry.
Back in the day
when plastic turtles floated alongside
anchors in the pool
garden hoses were always within reach
and it never rained.
Great debates
over little issues and civil suits
whether or not a wurfle is real
or which song
should we play next on the juke
and who kissed whom.
Back in the day
when we were all a bit
more carefree than we turned out to be
laughed and hugged long into the
early morning
And had more time
to nudge each other and wink
over private jokes
never spoken aloud.


I spent my last hour
wandering along casually down the main strip
Watching my feet travel over the cracks and the leaflets
proclaiming the new age
while I alone was unmoving, rooted in the past as surely
as the weary people awating their bus at the corner.

I walked slowly
savouring the few memories that sit sweetly on the mind
As sugar on a child's tongue to melt away to nothing
and leave fleeting happiness
elusive to the seeker that sorts desperately among
reminders of empty days alone and disappointments.

I lived that moment
before time turned and the traffic light changed again
From red to green so I could just cross over the barriers
poised on the brink
looking around at myself pretending to have a destination
waiting among the crowds with perfected false purpose.

I became entranced
a stillness amidst the masses with firmly shut eyes
Overwhelmed as the new age came upon us all
one breath before
frothing wind stirred to life the papers on the sidewalk
making their message of reckoning dance in realization.

I spent my first hour
perched silently in a darkened doorway of the street
Apart from the newness that would make the memories fade
whitewash them over
I alone unwilling to lose myself and divorce our collective history
like the many who turn a cheek and begin again.


here in my hand
a sphere I hold
one perfect orb of tainted gold

toss up again my gilded core
my soul encased
a gorgeous waste
enveloped by
those gone before

down becomes a holy rain
with conscience none
thy will be done
wash newly clean my soulless shell
rid me of pain
the evil quell

from far beyond the edge of sky
returns my soul
no more to fly
swallow who I used to be
I'm hid beneath the one you see
no longer whole
forever free

Give To Take

Put a price on love, when you come across it
set a value for a soul's kiss
For you I would fall like an angel from grace
fall into your arms until all I knew was you

Immerse my being
in the fine texture of your hair and
your smile that renders me helpless
What is it worth to be held like one beloved
or just payment for caresses?
To tell you the sincerity of my longing
speak of how I see you so clearly
nothing is enough

I would slip from mundane certainty
slide into your world of intrigue and passion
cheerfully paying the cost of
Losing myself
drowning in the swirling abyss of your eyes
What is too sacred to relinquish for
infinitely gentle whispers which stir the heart
and linger long into the night?
For you I would tumble and endlessly fall
until all I knew was you.

In Time

of late the hours stretch out long
seconds chafe my flinching skin
waiting for tomorrow is a dangerous game
because yesterday was like today
and always has been

learn instead to take solace
in unleashed days that drift by slowly
waiting for nothing bears no sorrow in the end
my path of my own making
drawn like lines between the stars

night�s breezes whisper her truths
of sweetness, patience and quiet
waiting for love shall temper my soul
in embers faintly glowing
a touch gives birth to flames

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