Just some stuff that I find amusing, or relevant. Enjoy :)

The Canadian World Domination headquarters. Make sure you check out the cartography section (that's maps for all you non-scientific types).

The Weeeeeeeeeee! video. A must-see.

ice.org, perhaps one of the best sites for digital art around.

The University of Western Ontario, my school and all-consuming master.

Things I Hate. Truly brilliant. If you often find yourself vexed with the ways of the world, this site offers some sympathy.

The Official mIRC site. mIRC was the beginning of my long and tumultuous internet experience. Primitive? Perhaps. Doesn't matter - it never gets boring.

Mikey's Place. My friend Mikey's site. He's your guy for vintage video games, baseball, economics and general hilarity. And hey, my column is on here, too! Click on the 'topics' section.

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