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August 27, 2009
This is a Grumman Goose database for all the known and lost Gooses.
I will try and keep up with the listings as much as I possibly can.
History of The Goose
The Grumman Goose was the first in a long history of amphibious aircraft designed in 1937 for a unique role. Built in Bethpage, New York, the Goose was the perfect method of transport for Manhattan millionaires as flying yachts. The Goose was soon to be recognized beyond that of a weekend luxury flyer, and it rapidly it became the plane of choice for several air services.
     Civilian models normally carried 2-3 passengers and had a bar and small toilet installed.
Because of its amphibious nature, generous interior space, and rugged construction,
the Goose can go just about anywhere.
     The Goose caught on and was used for other duties, such as a Coast Guard rescue plane  In 1938, the U.S. military took a good look at the Goose. The Army Air Force Gooses were designated OA-9
(built for the Army) or OA-13A bought from civilian owners, The Navy Gooses were JRF.
Since the creation of Goose Central in October 1999, the site has been visited thousands of times. Many of you have left very useful information on the message board and e-mails. My heart-filled thanks goes out to all of you Goose fans! I have tried to list all of the photos and information you have so freely given to me. I thank all who have contributed to this web site. Without your help, I would have been way behind in it's evolution. I am glad I'm not the only Goose fanatic out there. As long as the internet exists, these memories of this great airplane will live forever!
II have had a life-long passion for the the Grumman Goose. I used to fly on the Alaska Coastal-Ellis Gooses when I was a kid living in Ketchikan Alaska in the 1950's and 1960's.
The Goose in my opinion, is the most useful and sturdy of all the seaplanes and flying boats.
Out of the 345 of them that were manufactured from 1937-1945,
There are only about 50 or so that are still flying and in museums all over the world.
I will soon have listings the with locations of Gooses & Museums
All photos and text not written by me will be given credit where credit is due. If I have forgotten or not have any photos credited, please contact me. If you have a Goose or know of one that is not listed, please contact me. If you have photos you want to post, please contact me. If anyone has a problem with their images being used please contact me, not your lawyer.
Thank You So Much!
Eddy Haynes 2007
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