School Without Walls is located at
480 Broadway
Rochester, NY

The school's website is located at
Click here to visit the website and learn more about the school.
The school's phone number is (585)546-6732.
School Without Walls is, well, just completely different from other schools.

School Without Walls is a small school. The educational philosophy is completely different. In fact, the name came from the fact that school's philosophy lowered the "walls" between teachers and students. The school's courses follow the rule of "Quality, not quantity." All school courses go in to fewer topics in more detail. Another one of the differences is that the school's report cards are a page long for each subject.
Note: Students earn credit each quarter for passing a class during that quarter. Passing a subject for a particular quarter requires doing all assignments, along with a class participation requirement. This is opposed to earning credit for passing over the course of a year. School Without Walls has no final exams except for the NYS-mandated Regents Exams.
My "Extended Class" for 2003-2004 (fresman year) was CSI (Teacher: Andy Nagel)

The "Extended Class" is the cornerstone of School Without Walls. About 20 students are in each one, and Extended Classes meet for two hours a day, except for Tuesday, when extended classes meet for 2 1/2 hours, and Thursday, when extended classes don't meet at all. Extended Classes each are focused around a certain subject matter, and besides working with that subject matter, Extended Classes do writing assignments and participate in Decision Making on Fridays. Students can earn .5 credit each quarter for Extended Class, .25 for English and .25 for either Social Studies or Science. (depending on the extended class)

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