I dabbled in javascript a while ago; to look at my JavaScript work, click here. But in more recent programming news, I'm learning the Python language, as a major part of my school's senior project. (Note: This project was completed in May 2007]

I do plan to, at some point, re-continue using the language.

For more info on Python, try looking at its Wikipedia article, or the official Python website.

Suffice it to say, it's a high-level programming language, one that is highly capable in terms of what you can program with it, and I am learning it. It has the added advantage of being easy for both new programmers and programmers of other languages to pick up.

Some of my old JavaScript work

Star Wars

Star Wars Movie Lines game: click here

Alanlibs- like MadLibs

Alanlib #1:click here.

Some of my Python work

Please note: Python files have a .py extension, but because the file is a variant of an ASCII text file (the latter being a basic type of computer file), you could open the files with any normal text editor, such as Word or Notepad, in addition to being able open the files in Python-specific programs.

I have packaged those files within a .zip archive, as I often make programs comprised in several files.

For my Python info, click here
Swivel Sweeper
Free Web Counter
Swivel Sweeper

I would like to the thank the Javascript Tutorial on Webmonkey.com, for helping me to learn how to write Javascript in the first place: Tutorial Link Here

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