Here are a bunch of graphics that I've come across, or drew myself, that I thought were funny or cool. Click on a link to go to each picture in question.

You should always give 100% at work!
Clippy.jpg (Clippy, the MS Word paper clip: HELLO. MAY I ANNOY THE F***ING HELL OUT OF YOU?)
Destruction.jpg (cool pic of an exploding sphere)
Donkey.jpg- 'Democrats are sexy. Who ever heard of a great piece of elephant?'
Lego_Beer_Pong.jpg (LEGO people playing beer pong)
Lego_Spaceport.jpg (a LEGO spaceport)
bedroom.jpg (a picture of my bedroom)
birthday_cake_15.jpg (My 15th birthday cake. Since one of my hobbies is stamp collecting, the cake was decorated like a stamp...)
gangsta_chickens.jpg (FUNNY!)
Homer Simpson sez...
Really funny IE screenshot
left_arrow.jpg (Left-pointing arrow, says 'Previous')
robot.gif - a small robot
right_arrow.jpg (Right-pointing arrow, says 'Next')
sesame_street_hood.jpg- Sesame Street In Tha Hood (FUNNY!)
shapes.gif- 3 shapes
starship.jpg- really cool spaceship picture
Baseball umpire
Bad Mario! (off-color)
The Final Act of Defiance
The other reindeer *used to* laugh and call him names...
A difference between women and men
My gallery of smilies

These links go directly to the image file. If you want to save an image, simply click on the link, and select 'Save As' from your browser's File menu.

I suggest for a bunch more pics...

Also, Stickerworld is another interesitng graphics-related site that I sometimes visit. You can do various things to get 'points', which you then spend buying 'stickers' (GIFs) to pout on your own page.

My StickerWorld page

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