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Downloads are organized by category. I have Graphics, Games, Fonts and Miscellaneous sections. Many of these files are in .ZIP format, which can be opened on Windows computers with Winzip and on Macs with StuffIt Expander [You may already have these programs.]

.zip files take up less space- that way they are quicker to download. Download them, open them up, and you have regular files to use. Also, .zip files can be used to put related files together and makes it easier to download, since you can click on one file rather than on several files.
File Types used here
File type in parenthesis
.zipCompressed File
.docMicrosoft Word file (Office 97 or later; this inclues Office 2007/2008)
.xlsMicrosoft Excel file (Office 97 or later; this inclues Office 2007/2008)
.gif.gif picture file
.exeWindows program
.rtfRich Text Format- Opens in any word processor program, including MS Word
* OpenOffice generally doesn't have major problems with opening .doc and .xls files like this


My Python work

I did a lot of work in the Python programming language over the past year. The files are stored here, and each subdirectory is the group of files associated with a particular one of my major programs. (Well, major by my standards.) There is another folder for starting-steps: Hello World, basic variable manipulation, etc.

The programs are available in source-code format. (Python source code is jsut an ASCII text file with a .py extension)

Download the .zip file in a particular folder, as it contains the program's associated files in one download.

  • Roman Numeral Converter - Roman numerals to base 10, and vice versa
  • Pig Latin Converter - English to Pig Latin.
  • Naval Duels - self-created wargame
  • BoosterPackGenerator - simulates the contents of various Magic: The Gathering booster packs


    Simpsons Icons(.gif files compressed as .zip)
    .gif icons for most of the minor Simpsons characters
    More Simpsons graphics(.gif files compressed as .zip)


    JezzBall(.exe file compressed as .zip)
    Windows Only


    Alan's Warring Factions Calculator

    A handful of useful calculators for number-crunching related to the Warring Factions online game. No macros; it's all done with spreadsheet formulae.
    Spreadsheet data on my $2 bill collection(.xls compressed as .zip)
    A blank version of the above spreadsheet- use it for your own collection. (Covers Series 1928 USNs to the present)(.xls compressed as .zip)

    Factoids about animals(.rtf)

    George Score Calculator(.xls compressed as .zip)
    For calculating the George Score statistical formula used on www.wheresgeorge.com

    Retirement Calendar spreadsheet- funny!(.xls)
    Mint Data for the Bank of Alan(.xls)
    I make play money, measuring 2.125 inches by 5.5 inches. I call them Alanbucks, and they are 'issued' by the Bank of Alan. This is the most recent verion of the mintdata file, last updated on February 27th, 2005.

    Mint Data for the Bank of Alan(.xls compressed as .zip)
    This is an old version of the mintdata file, it was last updated in June 2004.

    StarCraft font(compressed as .zip)
    The letters form the typeface used in Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft, one of the most awesome computer games ever!.
    Note: the file contains .GIFs for each letter
    as opposed to being a font file.
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