The Story of a few Dollar Bills. (7/11/2004)

So I needed a couple of stamps and a couple of Georges for a face+SASE trade with A.N.D.Y . I tell my parents I'm going for a bike ride (which is truthful, as I'm riding my bike down to the store. I have a five-spot (marked and entered of course). I pay for the stamps, get my $4.26 change, mark two of the Georges, and put them in the envelope to mail to A.N.D.Y..

I have the $2.26 left and I see a garage sale sign. Why not? I said. So I ride my bike up there (I find nothing at any of the three sales in that area). Well, I almost did- it turns out that the SkipBo card game that I wanted wasn't for sale- the people at the sale accidentally put it on the table and were about to play it themselves. Damn! Then I see another sign for a garage sale at 78 Wyand Crescent. A nut comes loose on my bike while coasting down a hill, which means I walk the bike there - walking with your bike is a rather slow means of transportation. I go there, and it turns out that sale was yesterday. There was a box of unsold stuff, some of which I took because it was free.

On the way back to my house, I see a "Hershey's" brand ice cream wrapper. "Hershey's" brand ice cream has small bars that are four for a dollar, and I'm a cheapass. It was pretty close to Henry's, the name of a local convenience store. I still have money left, and I think "Why not?" I barely get the door open, with all the crap I have in my hands. Cashier says that bikes have to be left outside. OK.

So I go into the store, walk back to the ice cream cooler, and pick out a strawberry shortcake bar. There happens to be a man back there at a table near the cooler who looks kind of like a biker minus the leather jacket. I take it to the cashier, but she says that that particular bar is 89 cents. Then I go back to the cooler to pick out one of the 25 cent bars. As I'm making my decision, the man says: "Here, pick something something out, and I'll buy it for you". I said "I've got the money to pay for it myself." He insisted. I'm not one to refuse free food if people insist on it.

He gives me a Jackson out of his wallet and tells me to bring him back the change. I'm in a very good mood 'cause I'm getting free ice cream. Then, as the cashier's counting out the change, the man walks up to the counter and sticks out his left hand directly in front of me- maybe he didn't trust me to bring the $19 back to him. (I wasn't planning on any funny business with it anyway) He took the bills, and then gave me the singles! Again, I turned down the offer. "It's not like I'm poor or anything." He insisted again. "You're lucky for me." I said thanks, and then walked outside.

It turns out he had lost eighty bucks so far at video crack. (AKA New York Lottery QuickDraw). As soon as I had walked up to the ice cream cooler, he said, he had won $200. He decided to stop while he was $120 ahead. I saw him getting into this blue, rusty, Buick. He said "Never gamble. It's the worst thing in the world. It's why I'm driving this junky car."

So that's the story of Series 2003 George C6706---3C and Series 1999 Georges G8466---5A, K0796---7H and X33008455Y. Now if I had gotten a quad-double out of this...

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