Greetings. This is where I am storing the finished chapters of my novel-in-progress, Nathan Steele: 2326, the title succinctly naming the date and the main character. The setting is Earth, and malicious aliens are about to disturb what is by then a pretty peaceful planet.

Chapters 1 through 4 are completed, and I have decided to hand out free downloads of them for now. (Please note that I'm still maintaining copyright and such on these, but you're welcome to take a look at what's listed below.)

Please do tell me what you think of the book so far; [email protected] is a good email address to use for that. Grammar/spelling, plot, whatever - I would liek to know about it. :)

The book is available as a series of .RTF files - this is a word-processing document format understood by most any word-processing program, including but not limited to MS Word and Writer. In terms of format, coming soon is a .ZIP containing all the chapters.

I may tweak these chapters slightly, but they're pretty much complete.

Dedication, Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Another Day, another Thousand Dollars
Chapter 2: Mr. Steele goes to Washington
Chapter 3: First Response
Chapter 4: I'd Prefer the First Option © Alan Gilfoy 2003-2008.
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