Alan C. Clifford Exposed

This page is to document the hate filled bile that the so called 'reverend', 'man of the cloth' and 'Dr.', Alan C. Clifford, spews forth through his ignorant, bigoted, rancidly odious and abhorrent evangelist world view, unchallenged.

This 'pastor' of Norwich Reformed Church [1], in Norwich, is an openly and fervent Christian Zionist Supremacist, a racist and overtly islaamophobic fundamentalist and extremist evangelical preacher of the most vile, decadent, depraved and detestable kind. 

Why has this evil, repugnant and loathsome little man not been subject to the hate laws of racism and religious discrimination?

The truth is that this man, if he can be called such, is Britain's most anti-Muslim, hateful preacher and peddler of spiritual sickness.

"The relatively peaceable attitude of the Muslim majority is part of their strategy towards eventual fulfilment of the jihadic goal of global Islam."
- Rev. Alan C. Clifford, Norwich Reformed Church

As I did, being a former BNP supporter and White Nationalist from England (I wrote anti-Islaamic articles for the BNP and promoted the now discredited works of Mark A. Gabriel), before I became a white western Muslim revert to Islaam, I implore those who are exposed to this mans hate filled and ignorant vitriol to know that their are two sides to every story. I beseech and pray that you research more into the uninformed and ignorant claims that he makes about Islam for 'a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can put its shoes on.' It wont take much at all, as everything he states, and all the cutting and pasting he does of Qur'aanic quotations, can be easily exposed and refuted as to their real and true meaning. One such document I would like to refer you too is the  'Commonly Misquoted Verses and Narrations' by Ansar Al-'Adl. This counters and exposes much of the deliberate one-sidedness and blatant misunderstanding and misinformation that people like Mr. Clifford and his demented ill-informed sick-minded ilk spill forth.

For those genuinely ignorant and uninformed of the truth and beauty in Islaam, I apologise and implore you to engage a sound, unbiased, educated and open mind and discover the truth which Mr. Clifford unsuccessfully attempts to overshadow through the use of deliberate misrepresentation, interpretation and self confessed Christian Zionist hate-filled Supremacism.

His lack of knowledge and understand shines forth. Or, is it deliberate?


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[1] - His churches site can be found at, and The contact information for the church is below:
8 Le Strange Close, Norwich, NR2 3PN or by email at [email protected]
        * Mr. Clifford can be contacted directly at [email protected]
The address on Le Strange Close is the home of Norwich Reformed Church Treasurer and Administrator, Mr Michael G Quinton MA Cantab, and his wife. The church also meet at
South Park Avenue and 7 Woodside Pk, Attleborough, NR17 2JL

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