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Welcome to The Survey Methods Workbook Web Site

This website is designed to accompany the The Survey Methods Workbook.  Here you will be find an array of material including chapters, guides and data files designed to help you get the best from the book and to enable you to take your understanding of survey methods to a higher level.  On this site you will find:

  • Summary of findings from the Smoking Survey You can download a summary of the key findings from the Smoking Survey in the light of the data analysis presented in the book, as well as the additional appendices included on the web site.

  • Smoking Survey files & documentation This section contains all the material (data files, questionnaire and codebook) you will need if you want to replicate the Smoking Survey by doing your own survey, or if you want to work on our data. 

  • Issues in research design � There are two appendices that can be downloaded from this section of the website covering aspects of research design.  One considers longitudinal survey design while the other looks at class schemas and how they are coded 

  •  Further statistics and choosing statistical tests � This section deals in more detail with some statistical issues discussed in Part III of the book including how to standardize variables, what the binomial distribution is and guidance on choosing the appropriate statistical tests.  

  • Further techniques in data analysis � Here you will find a number of additional appendices dealing with more advanced techniques of data analysis than those covered in this book including: Principal Components (Factor) analysis, Path models, Logistic regression and Loglinear modelling.

  • Guide to further reading � For those of you who wish to read about topics covered in the book in greater depth, in this section of the web site you will find a guide to suggested further reading.

  • SPSS updates, links and reader inputs Find out about old & new versions of SPSS and how it may affect your survey project.  There are links to useful and related sites such as the ONS, ESRC Data Archive, and organizations which can offer background material on smoking. Also, data sets and supporting research materials submitted by those who have replicated the Smoking Survey can be accessed here.

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