The quotable Thriller
Compiled by Alan Briscoe
This site aims to offer some new angles on the excellent '70's series Thriller. There are a few sites out there devoted to the show. The definitive one is unquestionably that of Black Nun. I do not aim to duplicate other sites but instead hope to offer some different insights. In particular a major interest of mine is quotes and this site will offer a personal selection of memorable quotes from episodes. Quotes are chosen for a number of reasons. Some are very insightful, others are stylishly delivered, have great resonance within the action or are very witty or funny (occasionally for the wrong reason!) With a few it's hard to pinpoint the exact reason but they have all made an impression. Hopefully you will find some of your favourite lines on each episode but even if you don't it will get you thinking about what you would select.

There are additional pages covering some general matters and observations about the show. Go to the
contents page for full website details.

For each episode I have provided an extra page that adds quotes that may be spoilers for those who haven't seen it. Guides normally exclude spoiling information, and rightly so, but it is useful to have the option available for fans who are familiar with what happens and want to examine the whole show.
Only click on these extra page links if you have seen the episode or don't mind finding out what happens.

Reviews for every episode, including spoilers, are included. There are spoiler-free reviews giving synopses of stories and comments elsewhere on the Web, for example on
Black Nun's site and the Internet Movie Database. These are very good and are the best source for those who haven't yet seen the installments in question. However there is a place for reviews designed for those who have seen the episodes and would like a full discussion of their contents. 

The extra pages will also offer in some instances extra notes on the episode, including some of the most significant aspects of it. If you would like to comment on any aspect of the site please
e-mail me.

The famous fish-eye lens...
TV Times listing for the very first broadcast (14.4.73)
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