Alan's Adventures

I am currently (April 2003) in Puerto Maldonado, a town in the Amazon forests of Peru. I am setting up a survey which will be done at some of the lodges in the area, called Fauna Forever. Read more about it at

The following links are to my travelogues, collected over the years.

Madagascar, 1998
Canada, 1999
Singapore and Borneo, 1999
Close Encounter with a Thailand Elephant, 2000
A week in Turkey, January 2000
A weekend in Poland, November 2000
Andorra and the New Year 2000/1
Southern Africa Eclipse Cycle Tour, June 2001

Life in London 1998-2002
WildLife before London

Cycling across South America, and raising money for the National Eczema Society, 2003
Photos from my time as a Guacamayero for the Tambopata Macaw Research Project

I am now working for Project Fauna Forever, a project investigating the effects of wildlife on Tourism...


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