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   I am Dr. Ahmed Labib,a Ph.D. mathematician who taught for 37 years at Cairo & Kuwait Universities. I am ready to advise and help you on your  Mathematics & Physics subjects for FREE; just drop me an e-mail. Also I like to share and discuss with you the beauty and secrets of mathematics.It is a lovely and life subject not mere theories and symbols.
    If in addition you need a special tutor,feel free to contact me.
    A FREE  E- BOOK will be set to you for a free download as a thank you present if you e-mailed me. It is worth 50$.

Dr.Ahmed Labib

    Ph.D. Mathematician who likes to share you his Knowledge for  FREE.
If you reside at Alexandria or Cairo, I can tutor you if you need more help we can arrange it; contact me:

by e-mail:                                                                  or

or   phone : (03)5435513
       mob:  0122497878

If you are one of my students then go to
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