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Member Dataloader has been updated to v1.1


A new version of Web Browser has been released .

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Introduction in VB + My new program ..

  The first program I made it in vb (Visual Basic) was Web Browser, it was a quite difficult since that there are
an original web browser in vb, how to find it, well :

1- Open your Project and press Project button, you will find it in Tools Bar

2- Choose Add Form, and then select the last form, yeah you found that hidden web browser :D

3- Now open that form and make up your own browser with your own style :)

I made this Web Browser, it was a quite difficult to build it up since I'm a beginner in vb :

Great, ya :P
I don't know how I did that, making the web browser launching website when you are writting URL
anyway, It's a good point for me :D

Download (Ph[4]nToM Programs - Web Browser v1.0)



My Second Program ..

well, I think I've successed my first program even I think I just design it and all codes I get it from that
Form :P

anyone saying that is a steeling from another project, I'm gonna slap him :P

anyway, I made up this calculator, every beginner must build up his own calculator, how ever, no one
going to use it, yeah, wasting codes :S

here's guyz, check it out :D

To be honest, I made up my calculator using this lesson and of course, this calculator

He has really surprised me with his advanced calculator :)

Download (Ph[4]nToM Programs - Advanced Calculator v1.0)



My Third Program ..

Yea, I've successed my calculator and now, I've made my best programs, even noobz like me wouldn't do
such as this program xS

watch this !! a powerfull program made up by databases, yea databases xD

not just one small picture :P

My Data base :D

Put what ever you want to put in here, cuz it's going to be stored in database and can't be erased xD

well, I just said that, It's a bug that I found it, and it can't be fixed :(

what is the bug ??

Saving a record then can't be deleted :(

I guess I'm going to fix it what ever it takes, even if I have to delete the whole program ( I'm not
going to do it of course xP )

Download (Ph[4]nToM Programs - Members Dataloader v1.0)




Member Dataloader v1.1 (Update)

Not much updates as you think, nah ..
It's just that I found that why was my database has a problem, you know why, here's the reason

** Data Base wasn't COMPATIBLE with Visual Basic 6.0 **

As I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 ( vb 6.0 ), all MS Access Databases aren't compatibled with this
version of Visual Basic .

What I'm talking about ?

here's some tips :

1- If you are working on vb 5.0 and you made up ur database using MS Access 2000,2003
You must convert it to MS Access 97 databases ..

2- If you are working on vb 6.0 and you made up ur database using MS Access 2003
You must convert it to MS Access 2000 or 97 databases ..

Why all these stuffy things ?

I don't know, but I found out that MS Access 2003 databases WON'T work with vb 6.0

one last thing .. for these guyz that don't know how to convert ..

1- Tools -- Database Utilities -- Convert Database -- To Access Database 97 File Format

BTW, I haven't fix that bug, yet ..

Happy Data Base Making :)




Web Browser v2.0 (New Version)

After a hard time trying to make better-looking programs, I think I've succeeded making a New-Look for my programs .. I've added these new tools :

1- Menu Bar ( like the ones in MS Office Applications )

2- Buttons with words ( I think this is new stuff )

3- Using Common Dialog for Saving and Loading ( Open ) System and other things

4- Status Bar ( Which you can add-in the Date and Time ...etc )

5- Using ActiveX Controls - you will know what is this later ..

Here's a screenshot about this browser .. :

In my opinion, I must update this project well, cuz u can't scroll right and left ( As u can see ) but I will try to make it better and better next time

Download (Ph[4]nToM Programs - Web Browser v2.0)



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