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Platforms of Government

1. Improving the Behavior of the Student Populace
We believe that the student council is not principally concerned about improving the facilities and equipment of the school, because the administration sees to that. The student council aims to make the members of the student body to be more civilized people when they leave the walls of the school ---- to learn and act according to the norms of right conduct, to stand up straight for their fellow Kostkans, and to avoid occasions of violations of these norms.

2. Showing the Works of the Council to the Community
The party would also like to improve the visibility of the council's actions to the community. Appreciation of the works of the council has always been at a very low level. The council works as it has always been working, but we would like the people to realize that their student government can do to help them become better persons.

3. Improvement on Academics, Cleanliness, and Discipline
In line with the Administration's desire to focus on these three main topics, and also under the party's agenda of producing morally improved Kostkans, the political party has made this their own heartfelt desire of improvement on Academic Achievements (e.g. where the council can put up newsletters about academic trivia), Cleanliness (e.g. where the council could put up posters of reminders around the school), and Discipline (e.g. where the council could promulgate sanctions for offenses by the class).

4. A More Organized Student Council
We would like the council to be organized, to set their goals properly, not just for themselves, but also for the student body. For the council is composed not only of the leaders, but also of the members within. We will continue to uphold the practice of putting students on patrol during the various school activities especially the much-awaited intramurals and the school fair.

5. A Communicable Student Organization
This agenda is focused on the relationship of the council and the students. We would like the council to be very much within reach of the students. For the student government is the voice of the student body in an organized way. The council will put up trimestral evaluation forms to improve the quality of service that the student council gives.

These goals set by the party were formed out of the different evaluations from the student body, the suggestions given by the guidance office, and the school administration. We personally prefer to choose these traditional and realistic goals for these problems have also been labeled "traditional" by the Kostka Community.

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