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* Theta Xi Chapter History *

Alpha Kappa Rho International Humanitarian Service Fraternity and Sorority Theta Xi Chapter of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, was founded by three of the alumni and council members in Region X, Brod. Bhing Agcopra, Brod. Kim Ledesma and Brod. Ghany Maniri on the last week of January, 2004. On the 4th day of February, at the sixth floor of the Nursing Building in Lourdes College, Cagayan de Oro City, Brod. Bhing Agcopra decided to name the alliance, Theta Xi.

The chapter was established for the following purposes: to shape good and moral citizens, to apply the value of service, and to create a harmonious relationship among each member.

The organization started with twelve members including the founders. Nine of which are the following men who outlasted the first ceremony: Mark Culanag, Patrick Dare, Timothy Paul Estorco, Alexie Glenn Gabutan, Palquincy Galamiton, Peter Paul Legaspi, Cezar Sayosay, Mat Yu and Emanuel Yuson. United as one, they continue fostering the humanitarian service mission of the fraternity. A year after, the first women entered the chapter: Courteney Bautista, Kathleen Natividad, Mary Jorren Corazon Ramos and Kyna-Coe Waban. Thus, then begins the bond of brothers and sisters.

The distinctiveness of the chapter is perceived on the means of welcoming newcomers. The chapter limits their eligibility of membership to students, regardless of their gender, status, race and religion. Their endeavor to maintain peace among other fraternities and in themselves expresses their uniqueness as well. The value of unity and cooperation are also realized by each member. In addition, the aspiration for service, loyalty, equality, liberty, truth and respect are deeply inculcated within their hearts.

* Endeavors *


Accomplished Activities:

City Parade (August 27, 2005 - Saturday)
Tree Planting Activity (October 22, 2005 - Saturday)
Blood Donation (November 26, 2005 - Saturday)

Feed The Hungry (September 17, 2006 - Sunday)

Planned Activities:

Acquaintance Party, Chapter Visitation,
Build a House Campaign,
Clean-up Drive, Walk for a Cause,
Fund Raising Movement (Christmas Caroling),
Sports Fest, First Aid Training, Educational Tour


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