"For me painting, and therefore any creative activity, is only a way not to come to the end of my life with an empty heart...I think it all started with russian science fiction stories that my father used to read to me instead of fairy tales when I was a little girl." OLJA IVANJICKI







Olja Ivanjicki's (the right pronouncement is Olya Ivanitski) work reflect antique and renaissancial spirit, spirit of American inovations and cosmic euphoria. In some sense, with her opus, Olja Ivanjicki is-classifier.
Miro GlavurtiŠ

The art of Olja Ivanjicki basically is synthetic vision of destiny of the man of our age, solved by superior language of a painter, it is symbolic and poetic building of spirit which longs to cosmopolitism, to the great future without tragic breaks, nonsense and force. Her painting seams to determine time and space of its own , in its deep sinking into a secret, mystery and substance of life.
Jury for 7th July award

The painting of Olja Ivanjicki is permeated by particular fantasy in which is present remembering of film, of its effects and characteristic.
Pavle VasiŠ, "Politika"

As a thinker, if it means something in the meter of painter, Olja had pointed out at wide range of her interests, from philosophical to political and social problems related to the world of our age.
Josip Depolo

Olja Ivanjicki tells her idea and vision of the world, by metaphor, by automatic relations between objects and with the kind of painted montage, with which she deepen and develop the basic opposition between real and unreal, actual and fantastic, which are characteristic for her expression.
Dr. Lazar TrifunoviŠ

The essence of her inspiration is in tradition as well as in her cosmically strolls that we recently saw on the screen. But among all inspirative impulses, the transformation from the human being into a astronaut is the most important. For Olja Ivanjicki a hero of our age is conqueror who was dreamed about and who has became real. Olja Ivanjicki is not interested in cosmically programs... about alienation that follows that programs so often - on the contrary, she takes it the way it is.
Giorgio di Genova
Ciac Gallery, Roma

Paintings of Olja Ivanjicki are not specially surrealistic, popartistic or hyperrealistic, aldow they draw the essence from all those movements... going in for entire human history in a wide zest...
Roald Naasgard
Arts Magazine
New York, 1974.

Olja Ivanjicki is also a member of famous Belgrade group "Medijala" whose works can compete with high artistic standards of renaissancial tradition and technic. Her paintings, with rennaissancial perfecy of drawing include visions of astronauts and other famous people confronted to Mona Lisa's face which also contents the facial features of an author herself.
Manhattan East
July, 1976.

One of the most outstanding artists of Europe today, Olja Ivanjicki has created her own contemporary neorealism in the group of amazing, mystical paintings...
Lotta Dempsey
The Toronto Star

Meeting a group of Belgrade surrealistic painters gathered around "Medijala" was a great surprise for me, especially meeting virtuous painting of Olja Ivanjicki , a sole female member of that group, whose painting Max Ernest and Inferno Orange stands out by strong and mysterious magic...
Arts Magazine, February, 1981
Barbara Cavaliere

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