Let me present you some of the best representatives of the Croatian naive art - the creator of the well known School of Hlebine Ivan Generalić, his son Josip Generalić and other painters from this beautiful little village in the northern part of Croatia.

Ivan Generalić:

33 Kb

The camp

57 Kb

Snow games

63 Kb

Hlebine's church

31 Kb

Eiffel tower

42 Kb

The red bull

51 Kb

On the table

Josip Generalić:

43 303 bytes

The flowerpicker

49 388 bytes

Funny company
39 Kb Wedding cake
32 Kb Sophy
53 Kb My stork
67 Kb Jadwiga
43 Kb Flowerstump
33 Kb Winter flower
23 Kb Butterflies
38 Kb Jesus on the straw mattress
22 Kb A flower in wintertime
23 Kb Working

Goran Generalić:

60 Kb

The mutant ant
24 Kb The musician

Other artistis:

23 Kb

Zvonimir Sigetić - "Landscape"
22 Kb Marijan Napan - "Harvest"
23 Kb Nada Pakasin - "Taking a bath"
28 Kb Vlado Dolenec - "Fishing"
28 Kb Stjepan Pongrac - "Girls"
32 Kb Željko Kolarek - "The maizeman"
41 Kb Željko Kolarek - "Working around home"

You could even buy some of these masterpieces by: www.generalic.com

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