Julianne's Thanks: God, my parents, my beautiful sisters ("Gizmo", "Ziggy", and "Elmo"), Heather (my "co-site maker" aka "person who did all the work")Tina (more than my sister-my best friend), Steve (for being intelligent and always making me laugh at certain bands with certain people), Aaron (for making me laugh til I cry. I'll never forget the story of the kid in your drama class senior year and the wedge you gave him), Nate (for being so fun and your fart noises are sooo funny. Good luck in college and the Nat'l guard) Brian (my good friend that lives far are a sweetie pie) Danielle, Seth Green, Carmella, Mike (remember bio class and the days on the ski bus?) Helen, MxPx, Jill, Patty (for staying late nights at school so the two of us could finish painting the set) Carol, Murpher (you have been my awesome friend since like first rule)my fellow castmates of Up The Down Staircase and The Outsiders (we have some memories.."pretty like my sister"), Dan & Andy (Wayne's World Party Time!) Bianca, Hollie (those mints will come at Christmas) Benny, Don, Danny, Jack, Tony Hawk, Emily, William, Alex (tsk tsk-we shouldn't kiss in class), Bobbo, Kelly, John (for mooning me all those times, trying to make me laugh when i was having a bad day), Michelle (It's raining men!), Jere (I didn't say hot box!"), Harrison Ford, Dianne, the twins (Mark & Matt-hanging out with you two is a blast), John Diehl, the guy that worked at Arby's, Homer,Angie, Stacy, Chris, Liz (for reading to me when I was younger), Travis Barker, Eric, Ben, The Jones' (thanks for letting me and Heather come in your house-and also, you have a cute son), APM (for being rad and linking us to your site) the person(s) that invented pizza (THANK YOU!!!), Michael (you always made class enjoyable..and remember "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"-Ralph Waldo Emerson),Zac (it was a pleasure being your girlfriend in the play), Marky, Mr. Scudder and my fellow theatre class first period classmates (what a year!), Billy, John John (my first love), the kids in the Throwing Your Voice skit with me (D' Augustonos), the monkey lady across the street(for giving me someone to make fun of), Matt Groening,Michaelangelo (the ninja turtle), and to anyone I forgot, your name goes here ________.
The angels in our lives.

From now on, this will be Julie's page , and mine will be here, which is not finished, by the way.
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