i want to be the girl with the most cake
Name: Heather
October 27, 1984
Status: Taken (by Mark)
Favorite Colors: Pink, purple, black
Favorite Actress:
Angelina Jolie
Random Likes: Vintage, movies set in the 70s, the 70s, stars, vodka, vanilla- coke, autumn, red hair, baby barretts, glitter jelly bracelets, the number 13, deep conversations, friends, love, freedom, traveling, music, snow, my fish - Venus (rainbow dwarf fish), Adonais(male fancy guppy), and The Marks (2 neon tetras), my kitty-Molly, e-mail, people who think for themselves, sleeping late, hugs, giving presents, macaroni n' cheese, my "psychic board", laughter, southern accents, green eye-shadow, kitties, helping/giving advice/being here for people, astrology,cotton candy spray,pez, Ewoks (from star wars), diaries, nature, books, Papa John's pizza, coke, hello kitty, rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, candles, eyes, mascara, full-lips, intelligent/deep boys.
Most hated alcoholic beverage: Peppermint Schnapps
Siblings: None
Pets: 2 kitties - Molly & Squeaky. 1 dog-Lily. 5 fish
What I wanna be:
i'm looking into forensic pathology, F.B.I, psychology/sociology
Fav. Books: (i have MANY) "Girl"- Blake Nelson, "Beauty Queen"-Linda Glovach, "Prozac Nation"- Elizabeth Wurtzel, "Vittorio The Vampire (new tales of the vampire series" - Anne Rice(beautiful), "Girl Goddess#9", and "The Hanged Man"- Francesca Lia Block.
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite ice cream flavor: choc. chip cookie dough
Favorite things as a child: Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Popples, my blue bunny, juice, kool-aid, Mickey & Minnie, Barbies, Carebears, My little pony, soccer.
Favorite flavors: orange/vanilla
Band you should check out: Tears on Sunday
Favorite songs: "Wild Horses" - The Sundays
"Dying" - Hole
"Caught a lite sneeze"-Tori Amos
"From the edge of the deep green sea"-The Cure
"Learning to hunt" - Guided by Voices
"Broke" - Modest Mouse
"Untouchable face" - Ani Difranco
"That's the way" - Led Zeppelin
"Good morning" - The Dandy Warhols
"Guilty" - Tears on Sunday
"Into dust" - Mazzy Star
"Crawling back to you" - Tom Petty
"Ariel" - The Cure
"Elsewhere" - Sarah Mclachlan
"Creep" - Radiohead
(Note:more to come on the music site)
Name: Julianne
DOB: November 5, 1984
Sign: Scorpio
Status: Single
Favorite colors
: orange and pink
Favorite comedian
: Steven Wright
Random Dislikes:
school, mullets, people who are obsessed over their looks, Britney Spears (or any teenie boppin crap), fake people
Random Likes
: boys, friends, Jones Sodas, Matthew Lillard, music,  goin to the movies, acting, drums, playing drums, drummers, (especially Travis Barker), orange and pink flowers, writing songs, poems and screen plays, people in local bands, guys with blue hair, anime, Reeses Pieces, to act stupid and make people laugh, The Simpsons, punk rock boys, people who aren't afraid of being themselves, Empire Records, thrift stores, Family Guy, kittens, skateboarders, people that dye their hair, Cherry Coke, stickers,Mt. Dew, Tim Burton films, Ren and Stimpy, my wonderful Stan, Super Nintendo, Star Wars (all of them), black hair
Siblings: Teresa, Tina and Maureen

What happens when she grows up? Julie wants to become an actress when she is older. She took a drama class and was in 2 plays this year. She also did crew for alot of plays at her school. If not acting she would like to be a writer. In her 16 years she has all ready written a screen play called Aliens Among Us?! and has written over 100 songs and poems.
Favorite Food:
PIZZA!!!! She eats pizza for breakfast and dinner...she hearts pizza.
Favorite books:
"Night" Elie Wiesel, "Hatchet" Gary Paulsen
Favorite Piece of Clothing:
Julie loves her plaid pants that were handed down to her by her marvelous sister, Tina. They look like golf pants.
Favorite Holiday
Words/Phrases she overuses: "rad", "gnarly", "for real", "no doubt", "totally radical", "cool", "D'oh"
Biggest mystery to her at the moment
: 12:57pm
Random Quot
e: "The roses are symbolistic to the yellow card."
*Good songs she thinks you should check out*

Sillygirl-the Descendents
Perfect-Smashing Pumpkins
One Summer Romance-Tears on Sunday
21 days: Mutt: What Went Wrong: depends-blink 182
Punk Rock Jesus-APM
Another Runaway Song-Reggie and the Full Effect
El Scorcho: Across the Sea-weezer
Motercycle Drive By-Third Eye Blind
San Dimas High School Football Rules-the Ataris
End of the Day-goldfinger
Just Like Heaven-the Cure
Rock and Roll Girl-mxpx

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