Hi there, friends call me micky. Little Micky First of all, thanks to visit my homepage. Here you can find whatta heck going around me. I'm a big fan of bryan adams. So I have added a section "Best of Bryan Adams" in my site, You can find albums, songs, lyrics, interviews and more about bryan admas.
more about me.

This site is build for information and educational purpose only. I started this site alone and now I feel glad to tell you that, so many friends and people have joined me.. I'm still extending it. Any one interested, can join me and he/she can post his/her tutorials and stuff by mailing me. Belive me, all the credits of the tutorials/stuff will go to their original author if those get posted here. You'll gonna find a lots of stuff and information here.You must read disclaimer before start using any information and stuff on this site. The author of site take no responsibility if any damage done by you using the information on this site. The stuff, tutorials and articles posted here are belong to thier original author, not me and all the credit or debit goes to them. You can use information by clicking the various links provided here. So what are you waiting for, go further and happy surfing. 

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