Welcome to the Nexus!
we have...
Snipets of poetry!
Tales of winged bishounen!
Pictures of winged bishounen!
A link page with an annoying backround!
And we are just WAY too exited about all these ^_^
Welcome to my web site, it's not much now, but hopfully, soon it will have many random assortments of stuff to view. For now, it's just a place to hold my original fiction.

Now you get ... THE RANT! , You get to listen to me rant
about not so random stuff about this site.

first and foremost,

This is a Slash, Yaoi, Shounen-ai tolerent site.  Dont like that? Oh well.
There's the door, It's called the Back Button. 
Dont know what the above are? Let me spell it out for you ^_^

This site tolerates, if not promotes homosexuality
STILL dont know what that means? then I feel sorry for you.

enough ranting though.. your probly here because I directed you
here from my fictionpress.com account. spiffy. 

all that said, enjoy what little there is of my site. 
after january, there should be a lot more stuff.
picture by unknown author.
found at www.lordtry.com
poetry corner
ages of forgotten bane
laced with all eternal pain
place of pleasure, time an space
contender of the mortal race
there is a place where dragons soar
there is a time where magic flows
uncharted by destiny and scholars
undefiled by man and beast
corrupted by mystery
plaqued by things unusual

welcome to my imagination
the age of one
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