"LEFT" My Great Grandfather and Grandmother.
Jabez Andrew Workman (May 7 1858 to Nov 5 1943)
Clara Louise Turney
Jabez was the son of John Stone Workman (Oct 28 1824 to March 2 1905)

"RIGHT" Jabez and Clara Workman and Family
"REAR" Clarence,Frank,Jabez,Florance,Clara and Wilfred
"FRONT" Bertha and Gertrude

The Jabez Workman Farm was located to the West of Streetsville Ontario
on "Thomas Street",first Farm East of "Winston Churchill Blvd."
The Farm is long gone now,swallowed up by the "City of Mississauga"
They at least named a Street after us
"Workman Drive" is off Winston Churchill Blvd. near Britannia Rd.

"LEFT" Frank Workman and Wife Beatrice V Bonham.
Frank was another son of Jabez and Clara

"RIGHT" Bertha Lee (Nee Workman)
A Daughter of Jabez and Clara

Wilfred Workman (far right)
at a Barn Raising on Thomas Street near Streetsville

"LEFT" Wilfred E Workman and Family

"RIGHT" My Father and Grandfather (a few years later)
Wilmer Allan Workman (June 25 1914 to March 13 1988)
Wilfred Ernest Workman (1892 to Dec 30 1971)
Wilfred was a son of Jabez and Clara

Wilfred Workman's Wife Annie Mae McCarron (Sept 8 1884 to 1948)
and family

The Wilfred Workman Farm was located on the East side of the Ninth Line
South of Britannia Road Con 10 Lot 3
This Farm too,has been swallowed up by the City of Mississauga,nothing now but fields of New! Homes
Wilfred later moved to a small Farm north of Newmarket Ontario
located on the west side of Second Street near the Ghost Canal
Wilfred worked for several years at the Newmarket Tannery

Yup.thats me,with my Mom and Dad
Ugly Baby eh...

Here are a few photo's of Your's Truly playing around the Belhaven Farm

The Allan Workman Farm,Belhaven Ontario 1952 (Con 6 Lot 16)
Located N/E corner of Keneddy Rd and Old Homestead Rd,Town of Georgina
This farm actually still exists...
Previous owners were Dave Davidson and Ellis Sheppard


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