This is Mullahn Aboo:
Hi, this is Rulle. If you hold the mouse over the pic, a new will be shown. He live together with this black rabbit, Nutte and they are realy good friends!
Fun Facts:
A hamster kan put 43 soyabeans into their cheeckbags!!!!
The hamster can blow up the cheechbags and use them to float when they swim!!
More about my pets:
Here is my son Daniel again and his smallest animal Tassen. He is 1 year and 3 mounths old. We had another one too, but they quarrel and the other one died.
Den svenske marsvin-klubb
Den Norske marsvin-klubb
Our baby 2 and a half mounths
This is Rulle, our Guinea Pig!Push the picture and link to the club
Tassen is our smallest animal.PUSH HERE TOO AND FOLLOW THE LINK!
Den ultimate hamstersiden
Nutte, our lionhead-hermelin and Rulle
Liten(mea.ns:the smallest) is the biggest of them all.Toy is the white one!
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