Are you tired of being denied vacation time because your co-workers with children get first choice of vacation days?

Do you watch CWWC (Co-worker with Childre) leave early, come in late and take longer lunches because of a child related event?
All the while you are like chimp working your full hours.

Do you to listen to CWWC endless stories about what little Bobby did yesterday?

Do you get denied certain holidays off since a CWWC has a "real family" and gets the time off instead?

Do you wish that you had a kid  so that you could call in sick when you are perfectly healthy?


We have a child for every need!
These Children Are Currently Available For Renting
Tex here loves Tex Mex!  He will need many diaper changes!
Timmy is guaranteed to get you time off work.   Timmy LOVES mischief!!
Sure, they look innocent.  They are night owls.  They will make it impossible for you to get to work on time!
Ruby here is the class bully!.  She picks on other kids small or large.  You will get many phone calls from the principal's office to come pick this little darling up during the day!  
Jonathan here is our best little hypochrondriac!   You'll be taking him to the doctor more than a 2 dollar hooker with a bad case of herpes!
Whoever quoted "Safety in Numbers" didn't meet these little stinkers!  
Looks familiar doesn't she?   She's not really missing!!!  Her parents are making a fortune by renting her out through our agency!!!!!!   Penny is a sweet girl who will help you around the house.  Be careful though, she likes to play hide and seek a lot!!!

There is a $3,000 late fee for anyone who looses track of Penny before she is due back.
< Coming Soon....Rent An Elderly Parent! 
IIf you are interested in renting one of this children, please email us at: c[email protected]
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