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What makes my heart beat faster....hmmm Exercise!

I've had laryngitis for 7 days now due to a virus. The virus is almost gone....but still my voice has not returned. Any cures?????? If not, I'll have to call the doctor tomorrow and get another prescription. I'm tired of opening my mouth to speak and only squeaks come out. When a voice does come out....I sound like Marcie from The Peanuts. Hello Sir......

Yow!!!! I kind of look like her too!!!!!

2007-03-15 17:05:20 GMT
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I'd say to keep the laryngitis. It's always a good plot for a wacky sitcom. Chances are you'll get asked to solo in the church choir or something and with your laryngitis, I'm sure hilarity will ensue. Ok, seriously, I swear by a honey/lemon/tea concoction to cure any throat ailment.
2007-03-16 02:36:34 GMT

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