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Internet Down?
Okay, last week our internet was down for nearly a whole day at the office. I'm telling you I cannot make this stuff up. I had a co-worker come up to me and say "I know the internet is down for everyone, but does that mean I can't connect to the internet from my computer here?" I looked at him and said, No you're special the internet is up for my most sarcastic voice. Couldn't help was a required remark given the question!
2007-03-12 02:02:57 GMT
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My God, Amy - who are these people that you work with? I'd love to meet them and sell them some swamp land in Florida. "No, really, it's swamp land for everyone else. But, for you - because you are special (wink, wink) - it is terra firma! I'll give it to you at a great price!"
2007-03-13 04:00:51 GMT
This guy actually reminds me of the boss Micheal from "The Office" Actually he's Micheal and Dwight combined!
2007-03-14 03:00:30 GMT
Michael and Dwight combined....the idea frightens me greatly!
2007-03-14 03:43:53 GMT

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