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ThinkGeek :: The Ex - Unique Knife Holder

Why do I feel like laughing like Beevis and Butthead when I see this? I'd love to get it and put it on my desk at work. People would think twice before asking me a question or for a favor! LOL!

Makes storing your knives a cathartic experience! We'll get right to the point with this product - it's a wicked cool design for a knife holder and certainly a lot more edgy than the standard old block of wood. We're not sure who the designer might have been thinking of when he created this but we definitely like the

ThinkGeek :: The Ex - Unique Knife Holder
2007-02-12 17:47:29 GMT
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If you keep it at your desk at work, you may also want to invest in a bottle of fake blood too. Because if you put some of that on the knives, you realllly won't have anyone approaching you! LOL
2007-02-13 05:05:31 GMT

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