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Snore Stopper

Snore Stopper --- Has anyone tried this? Why do I think this is a load of whooey?

"Snoring occurs when the muscles of the throat, tongue and soft palate relax during deep sleep. The tissue sags, narrowing the air passage and causing one to inhale more forcefully. This in turn causes the tissue at the back of the throat to vibrate. There are a number of contributing factors, including smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, or physical characteristics like a narrow airway or an elongated soft palate. In some cases, finding a way to quit snoring will require a specific diagnosis of the cause.
Seeking a simple and effective solution to snoring has been a major concern for the 37 million American sufferers and their loved ones. Snoring has become an everyday occurrence, much more common than many care to admit. For many of those who struggle with snoring problems, finding an effective snoring product can prove to be extremely challenging. For many who snore, constantly being the butt of jokes can be humiliating. For their partners, continual interruptions during the night can have a dramatically affect their mood, job performance and general outlook on life. In serious cases, health problems that are related to interrupted breathing patterns associated with severe snoring may arise. One such disorder is Obstructed Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is when a person stops breathing because the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses and closes during sleep.

A 1993 National Commission on Sleep Report revealed that chronic sleep disorders affect 60 percent of Americans. The result: "Sleepy individuals are less ambitious and less productive. Sleep loss impairs performance É and decision making." Numerous studies have shown that REM sleep is necessary to recharge our mental functions, and non-REM sleep is necessary to repair our physical functions. While the current national average requirement is 7ð hours, "short sleepers" (6% of the population) require less than six hours to feel fully rested, and "long sleepers" (4% of the population) require nine hours or more. Sleep medicine specialists suggest that you're getting adequate sleep if about 85% of your total time in bed is spent asleep. Snoring can prevent you and those sleeping with you from getting the vital deep and REM sleep.

Your snoring problem could be a thing of the past, and you never again will have restless nights because of your snoring, get up tired in the morning, worry about your partner leaving the bedroom, or worry about snoring surgery or dental implants. You won't have to undergo expensive snore surgery to solve the problem. And there's no need to take pills. This revolutionary product will solve your snoring blues and save your marriage. Just strap it to your wrist and, thanks to its sensitive micro-sound detector, it will detect your snoring and send a mild harmless electric signal without waking you or disturbing your sleep. Eventually, your body will learn to avoid the electrical signals by not snoring during sleep. Try it today. At a paltry $59.95, you can't afford not to. Your family will be deeply grateful. "

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