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MISBS Meeting/ Vista and Office 07 Demos

I went to the MISBS meeting tonight.  There were representatives from Microsoft demonstrating Vista RC-1 and Office 2007 Beta 2.   Office Beta 2 has taken some getting used to.  At first I did not like the "ribbon" instead of the toolbars.   I'm getting used to them now.   At this stage Outlook 2007 Beta 2 is buggy.   I'm constantly getting error messages and having to restart it.   However I do LOVE the RSS feeds which are now accessible in Outlook.

I've been pondering whether or not to install Vista Ultimate Edition on my system.   However, I have a feeling it would work best if I upgrade my laptop to 2 gigs of ram.   Also I'll probably have a disk size problem.   When I built this laptop through Intel's Mobil TST program it came with the an 80 GB drive partitioned into two drives.   The C drive only being 14 GB.   Vista Ultimate requires 15 GB of free space on the C drive.   One last problem is that I'm running Virtual PC 2004 on my system with a SBS2003 Virtual Disk and a Server 2003 Virtual Disk for study purposes.   They were discussing tonight how it will run like a dog on Vista RC-1.  I think it runs like a dog now....I'd hate to see how much slower it could be on Vista.


2006-09-20 02:31:36 GMT

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