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TechTV Reunion? - LOL: The Life of Leo

TechTV Reunion? - LOL: The Life of Leo


TechTV Reunion?

I don't want to be a tease, but there's some interest in putting together a TechTV reunion show for the net. Many of the TechTV hosts have said they'd participate, including Kate Botello. Kris Kosach, Chris Pirillo, and Jim Louderback. Martin Sargent has offered to host it. I know we could get all the TWiTs involved.

There are quite a few more people I'd love to see again. And I think there are a few people who would watch. I'm thinking that May 7, 2007, the ninth anniversary of the channel, would be a nice date.

We need to find a sponsor and a host. Is there someone with deep pockets out there who would like to help us put this together?

I almost hate to say it but the best people to do this would be G4 - they own the rights to all the clips, and frankly I think it would get better ratings than anything they've run in the last two years. Hmm. There goes that idea.


2006-07-26 17:32:05 GMT

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