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Cost of Health Care

Why is it so hard for hospitals, doctors and pharmacutical companies to realize why health care is so high? I's not brain surgery....and surely brain surgeons could figure this out!

Why do hospitals have to advertise???? What a waste of money! If you are injured or sick enough to be rushed to the aren't going to the one that advertises the most, you're going to the closest hospital possible!!!

Why do there have to be so many drug commercials on TV. This is driving up the cost of the drugs. So people who really need them have to pay through the nose for them.

I think by advertising the drugs is helping create hypochrondriacs in our society. You think....Wait....I have those symptoms, maybe I have "new disease of the week"

Those are my rants on this for the week. Also, if I have to hear that darn Beaumont Hospital theme music one more time I may scream! It's up there with that darn Empire Carpet commercial.

2007-05-11 16:38:41 GMT

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