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I'm starving

Okay, I started Weight Watchers on Friday. Friday was rough, b/c it was the first day and we had a potluck lunch at work. All the food looked wonderful. I had salad and carrots. :(

I survived though! Saturday and Sunday were a breeze. Today is sucking big time. Probably due to the fact that Saturday I slept in. Sunday I had church so I didn't get to eat until lunch time. There is cake in the kitchen here today. I went into the kitchen to clean it (my week for kitchen duty). The cake smells wonderful. Any other day I could take or leave cake. I'm not a big cake eater. However today, I just keep thinking about that dang cake! Oh, I'm so hungry right now. I had a yogurt to tide me over.....yeah that isn't working. I'm entering the "ravenous" state of hungry now. That's not good! That can only lead to opening up the refridgerator door and just shoving things into my mouth.

....maybe I'll just take a nap when I get home. I'm tired too, that probably is working against me as well.

2007-03-26 20:05:29 GMT
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I think the key to any diet is napping. I'm half-joking, half-serious when I say this.

For me, the first week of any diet is the hardest because I am compulsive snacker (especially in the evenings). And when I'm not allowing myself to snack, I practically go insane with a need to snack. So, the less that I am conscious, the less opportunity I have to eat, the better. If I can get a quick nap in after work, and have a late dinner (surprisingly a lot of my hunger goes away when I sleep), I don't have a chance to get the munchies before bed. After about a week of this routine, I find that my urge to eat goes down a lot.
2007-03-27 01:19:04 GMT
I totally agree! I did take a short nap when I got home. I'll be darned if a lot of my hunger did go away. I guess I do eat b/c I'm tired some days! Yeah, I snack a lot at night too. I've been trying to eat my dinner later, so that I'm not prone to snacking.
2007-03-27 13:44:43 GMT

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