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GateWorld - Anderson confirmed for Continuum

GateWorld - Anderson confirmed for Continuum

Stargate News
Anderson confirmed for Continuum

Saturday - March 17, 2007 | by Darren Sumner
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Richard Dean Anderson will appear in the upcoming movie Stargate: Continuum, Playback Daily is reporting and executive producer Brad Wright confirmed to GateWorld.

Anderson, who played Jack O'Neill on Stargate SG-1 for eight years before entering semi-retirement, will travel with an 18-person crew to the U.S. Navy's Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station in the Arctic next week to film scenes for the direct-to-DVD movie (story).

Production resumes in Vancouver on May 22, following shooting for SG-1's first movie, The Ark of Truth.

Written by Wright and directed by Martin Wood, Stargate: Continuum is a stand-alone time travel story that continues the adventures of SG-1 beyond the show's tenth season. The movie is expected to hit DVD shelves in North America this fall.

The SCI FI Channel in the U.S. will air the final 10 episodes of Season Ten -- including a guest appearance by Anderson in "The Shroud" -- starting Friday, April 13!

2007-03-20 03:39:56 GMT

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