Are you tired of dating the same losers? 

1.  Have you dated a totally self centered guy who talked about nothing but himself?

2.  Have you dated a guy who got a calculator out to divide the dinner bill in half?

3.  Have you dated a guy who brought and showed you pictures of his computer?

4.  Have you been on a third date with a guy you feel you barely know and he wants to see you get bare?

5.  Have you dated a guy who wanted you to spend every last free minute you have in this world, with him?

6.  Have you dated a guy who's idea of foreplay is pulling back the sheets on the bed?
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If you answered yes to two of these questions you need us!   
I'm available and sensitive!
I like to sunbathe in the nude!
I would love to towel dry you!
Don't I look good with wet hair?
I'm gay so you can trust that I won't take advantage of you!
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