I found out how to add to the system tray menu on aim (view pic)

Work is going great! Made a login screen and also made it so you could change it very easily to whatever you desire. Check it out here. More news to follow shortly!

Welcome to AIM Max. I know I am on a crappy geocities site, but I didnt fell like making a domain and everything.

Now to get to the point. I have been programming for ever, and decided to make an AIM plug-in. It's going to be free, and have all the options DeadAIM, AIMMutation, and whatever else is out there + more.

I am still working on this website, so please be patient as the links above do not work yet. If you would like to suggest any feature you want to see on this program. Please contact me at: [email protected]

thanks, keep checking back for updates on AIM Max 1.0

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