About Nihon Goshin Aikido
Nihon Goshin Aikido is a unique and versatile combination of the most effective techniques from other established martial art forms.  By utilizing striking techniques from Karate, throwing techniques from Judo, joint locking techniques from Jujitsu, and a variety of techniques from Bo Jitsu and Yawara, Nihon Goshin Aikido presents a Martial Art that is extremely efficient in realistic self defense situations.  As with other forms of Aikido, Nihon Goshin Style uses the energy of the opponent by redirecting the attack in a circular motion and putting Uke (or person being thrown) into a joint locking technique or submission hold.
In addition to the traditional Aikido techniques, Nihon Goshin style incorporates a variety of strikes, straight punches, Shoto chops, elbow blows, front kicks, side kicks, roundhouse kicks, and crescent kicks all used in a defensive manner.
We also involve joint locking techniques that are specifically designed to break or dislocate the manipulated joint.  Although this might appear excessively violent, knowledge of these techniques creates more options in a realistic self-defense situation.  If you are defending against one attacker, you will probably want to throw them and put them into a submission hold, however, if you are defending against more than one attacker, you might be forced to break the attackers joints so they cannot continue to fight.  In many circumstances, this technique effectively ends a multiple attack before it can escalate.
We also specialize in weapons disarming techniques.  These are the same techniques taught to the FBI, CIA, New York State Police, and local police agencies.  Nihon Goshin schools also train differently than other Aikido schools.  We do not adhere to the standard attacks by Uke (or person attacking) common in other dojos, instead, we consider a broad range of self-defense scenarios.  We counter such attacks as lunging straight, punches, jabs, cross hooks, upper cuts, back fists, overheads, bear hugs, sleepers, full nelson, headlocks, a variety of grips, etc.
The Nihon Goshin Aikido Association believes that you must train as though your life depends on it because someday, it might.  Aikido is ideal for men and women of all sizes because it relies more on awareness and agility than strength.  When taught properly and practiced with discipline and focus, Aikido will enrich the mind, body, and spirit and will increase self-confidence.
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