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Hi Friends, I am Gaurav Arora, MD, Alumni of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India (Batch of 1995, Class of 2001, AIIMS roll no.=1994) and the purpose of my putting up this webpage is help my juniors at AIIMS with their Residency application for the US. It primarily gives information regarding Internal Medicine Residency application but some general features would help you in applying for other specialties too.  I would keep working on this page in the future as time permits. If you find this information useful, please take a few moments to write your comments in my guest book to keep me motivated to further work on this page. Good luck for your endeavors. You may email me at <aiims1994 at yahoo dot com> if you have any specific queries.

Keep checking this site regularly in the future as I would be posting much more stuff .

"Knowledge increases by spreading it, not by holding onto it!"  Tell your friends and colleagues about this site so that everyone can benefit from this information. Also, your suggestions and criticisms are most welcome.


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