in the Continuum of 

Care of Family and








faith, hope, peace, love, family, friends, forgiveness,

fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relaxation, nutritious

food with ripe, fresh fruit / vegetables, seeds and nuts,

fibre, olive oil, garlic, lean meat, hygiene, clean skin,

teeth, blood, tissues, intestines & healthy liver, kidneys

& immune system, family / community gender equity

& human rights and responsibilities.



AND FREEDOM FROM fear, shame, blame,

infection, rejection, beer, cigarettes with homebrew,

marijuana, drugs, toxins, poisons and preservatives

with reduced salt and sugar and no gut parasites

from faeces of people and animals.





Friends, we hope that the new

format will please all readers.



We hope that this format will

help readers locate information

for schools, care groups, church

and family awareness







There are contradictions in the PNG national HIV/AIDS

response. The gay and lesbian agenda may be thriving by

deeply implanting itself in the community.


We read in media of the Tingim Laip (sic) project in

what is now Joyce Bay. We know its sponsor Burnet

has a non-family agenda. There is focus on boys and

girls in other projects. And no family or men.


They have put out a book of success stories. We will

get a copy and review. It will surely focus on boys and

girls rights. In the paper, the report is that a focus is on

increasing condom use.


It smells bad. No family values. Or growing up values.

But plenty of condoms. The boys and girls may be

having a f......ing good time at Joyce Bay. It is your

right to have sex. Your parents have no right to stop



We find Save the Children is involved. They are now

blatantly coming out of the closet and making public

their focus is on sex workers and MSM. Where are

the children they are supposed to save? Surely they

have not hyjacked the agenda and funding money.






An organization that has questions to answer is Family

Health International that is right into the project in Joyce

Bay. We will read about their work in the book when

we get a copy.







Over the last 3 years, the Positive Living message has

been banned by the PNG media. They may have all

sorts of excuses. But the reality is that they have done

so in conformity to the expatriate gay/ lesbian agenda.


AIDS Holistics is not anti-gay / lesbian. We oppose

their corrupt effort to use AusAID and UN to further

their world anti-family, anti-man and anti-faith agenda.


The Post Courier has a gay managing director who has

long banned Positive Living with its focus on family.


The National has had a gay focus with a gay editor Ian

Boden who undoubtedly banned Positive Living with its

focus on family. Gays are anti-family.


This newspaper has links with Divine Word University

that has had gay staff and BAHA with an anti-family /

gay agenda.


The Sunday Chronicle being a national newspaper just

follows the other newspapers.


It is sad that in the period 2003-2006, The National led

the nation with AIDS Holistics positive living messages.


Many people say the 150 columns in The National laid

the practical and theoretical basis for their care groups.

Then the expatriate gays and lesbians stepped in.


Now we just read about workshops. Strangely, Dr

Anne Clark made a same point in the media today that

the newspapers are not helping the grass roots. So too

Dr Sir Puka Temu.


We find AIDS Holistics finds acceptance with Google.

Any report we write is posted by Google on the same

day, making us more determined to be professional.


Yet the three small newspapers in PNG do not accept

the AIDS Holistics world message.


They will live to accept part responsibility for a rising

infection/death rate in Papua New Guinea. Two are

foreign newspapers. One is nationally owned.





The bacteria in the intestine passes through the gut lining in the

first few ...
www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/physiology_forum.htm - Cached - Similar



in promoting Positive Living with or without HIV/AIDS.

There should be focus on the growing ... This folio sets

out the problems faced by AIDS Holistics ...
www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/ - Cached - Similar




POLICY ISSUES. Focus on the problems that have been faced.

in the PNG HIV/AIDS response in ...
www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/ - Cached - Similar






This is a collection of comments on Kokoda Track.

AIDS Holistics has become involved in this to earn

money to fund our AIDS awareness including this






We use the opportunity to bring AIDS Awareness

to the people of the Kokoda Track villages.







oral sex and HIV transmission, tonsils as

part of lymphatic system with spleen,

thymus and bone marrow, oral, anal &

genital sex 







Focus on the problems that have been faced

in the PNG HIV/AIDS response in the advice

given by Australian advisors that is incorrect,

out-of-date and incomplete.


Australian Rudd government has responded

during 2009 that HIV/AIDS advice has to be

accurate. The PNG doctors are becoming









Positive Living checklists from other

countries that show the basic similarities

with the Papua New Guinea Positive Living








This folio focuses on all aspects of physiology but

with focus on up-to- date knowledge of the virus

attacking the small intestines. Focus on the virus

in the blood and lymphatic systems.







This folio pays attention to the errors, omissions, bias and

hidden agenda in the PNG national HIV/AIDS response.

This review refers to a publication put out by Australian

advisors. It is totally ineffective in promoting any AIDS








This folio focuses on the role of the lymphatic system

in the HIV infection. We see the role of the lymph nodes,

spleen/liver, bone marrow, thymus and skin. This is key

new knowledge for national HIV/AIDS responses.








This folio is our attempt to show the general progression

from infection to death. We have covered the main areas

of concern. Progression starts with entry to the lymph

system and progresses through damage to the gut lining

and progressive starvation, infection and suffocation as

the body systems are slowly damaged.


We have not covered all but will gradually update as new

information comes available. We rely much on Google.

Type mucosa langerhans HIV into Google or leaky gut

HIV  or  tonsils HIV lymphatic system and see a new

world of HIV/AIDS awareness.







The problems that gay men face in damage

to their anus, the mucosa and langerhan cells

in the anal mucosa and coccidian gut parasites

from anal/oral sex. Oral and anal sex are key

causes of gut infections.







Focus on aspects of nutrition for Positive Living

for us all. Importance of nutrition for those with

HIV/AIDS. Problems of fatty food, fat absorbed

through the lymph system and damage to the

liver. Love your liver and live long.







Family as part of Positive Living. Family values,

marriage, parenting, husbands/fathers, wives/mothers

children, media campaigns on family, faith, love, peace

and respect.







Too much focus has been on rights, particularly from

the gay/lesbian lobby. With a focus on family, there

are responsibilities that come with every right. This

folio has focus on the rights/responsibilities of the

family members.







Focus is on the effects of marijuana on the brain and

the onset of dementia. It will rapidly increase progress

towards death of an HIV/AIDS sufferer. The marijuana

will damage family with the violence and disruption of

a brain damaged family member.







There is a considerable role for schools and teachers

in promoting Positive Living with or without HIV/AIDS.

There should be focus on the growing process for

young people, relationships and responsibilities.


This folio focuses on the wonderful curriculum that

has been prepared by PNG teachers.







AIDS Holistics has addressed a number of women's

conferences. The latest was the Christian Brethren

Church conference in July 2009.


We held a 2 hour Physiology Forum in Tok Pisin in

which all possible matters were discussed in open

forum. This is available to all groups on request to

[email protected]








Focus is on the family in Scripture. Much has been written

on the importance of family with love and respect between

husband and wife. There should be love, respect and caring

between parents and children. Much has been written by

St Paul.







My family in PNG has been included to show our love and

caring. We are a single parent family. My daughters are

growing up and will face sexual issues from this time.







There is a benediction on marriage that explains the love

and caring between husband and wife. This comes from

the Baptist church in East Boroko Port Moresby,







This folio sets out the problems faced by AIDS Holistics

in this country at the hands of gay and lesbian advisors

from AusAID and the United Nations determined to block

family messages and any focus on the role of oral and

anal sex in the transmission of HIV.


We are not anti-gay / lesbian. But we fiercely oppose

their opposition to family. It is not their right to do so.

Family is at the centre of the melanesian / polynesian

and micronesian way of life.







This folio shows how any nation can set up a series of

family advertisements in conjunction with churches to

show relationships between father, mother and children.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has long

had such a radio and TV campaign across the world.







This folio sets out aspects of the gay and lesbian agenda

in the world in not recognising family, marriage, having

the age of consent lowered for children to have sex with

adults, gays / lesbians to adopt children, parents to have

sex with their children, gays/ lesbians as youth leaders

and clergy and churches banned from speaking out on








There is much child sex tourim in the world. The Australian

Government makes sex with minors overseas an offence for

Australian tourists and contract workers overseas.







This folio focuses on child abuse in the home, particularly

at the hands of fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers and







Main documents

on website


















The bottom line is that the HIV virus stops the body

from feeding, repairing itself and stopping infection.

It all starts with the attack on the gut lining.






The old story of the virus attacking the CD4 cells,

reducing the CD4 count, allowing viral load to rise

with the entry of opportunistic infections, is just 20%

of what really happens.








The human body is a simple hollow tube, protected

on the outside by skin, strengthened by keratin.


The inside of the tube cannot be covered by skin. It

requires a smooth wet surface to allow passage of

food, water and faeces.


It has a velvet mucous layer. Feel the inside of your

mouth. The velvet layer goes down the digestive tract

and ends at the anus. There is also the velvet layer

protecting the penis/vagina and urethra.


The velvet tube must be protected. So there are cells

that are built into the velvet mucous layer. The mucous

cells engulf germs. Langerhan cells direct the particles

to the mucous cells.


The greatest concentration of protective cells is in the

velvet layer of the small intestine. The gut lining has to

be different as it has to allow absorption of nutrients,

salts and water. Therefore the mucous layer has cells

with a digestive function.


Greatest concentration is in the gut lining because the

gut has greatest concentration of bacteria in the body.

The role is carried out by CD4 cells.


That is why the HIV is herded by dendritic cells to the



The mucous layer continues to the anus with mucosa &

langerhan cells. So too the penis/vagina and urethra. A

concentration of HIV in penis/vagina occurs with STI

infections that attract the CD4 cells that attract the HIV.


And these all have the capacity to take in the HIV virus.

Our inner lining provides the weak link in our bodies.

The greatest damage to the inner lining is done to the

gut lining.


HIV can breach the mouth, gut lining, anus and genital













Let us examine the HIV virus to identify its possible areas of

weakness. The virus is microscopically small. It has no means

of locomotion, having no legs or wings.


It floats in fluid such as blood and lymph like small microscopic

leaves and is herded by the dendritic cells towards two major

concentrations of CD4 in the gut and in genitals infected with



HIV management in Australasia a guide for

clinical care. Hoy J & Lewis S (Ed)  P 42-43



It has no means of penetrating cells and enters only phagocytic

cells that engulf viral particles.  It is engulfed by a white blood

cell known as a CD4 cell. The term 'white blood cell' covers

a range of cells in the immune system.


CD4 cells are found in the blood / lymph. The virus replicates

in the CD4 cells.


Another group of CD4 cells is found in the gut lining. The gut

has the greatest concentration of CD4 in the body. It is the

small army that protects against entry of gut bacteria through

the leaky gut.



Click above for full report.





HIV + Positive Living = long life


HIV + ARV + Positive Living = longer life

provided small intestine can be kept intact

and repaired after HIV killed in the blood.


Dementia may come back stronger if ARV

has failed.









Yes and no. It can save lives if the body has not gone past

the point of no return.


The point of no return has been reached if the body systems

are dying, particularly the eliminating organs - lungs, liver and

kidneys. The gut lining is destroyed and cannot be repaired.


The water/salt balance is too out of balance. The cells of the

body can not be maintained because of no protein. There is

no metabolism  in cells. The Krebs cycle in the cells is past

the point of recovery.


The ARV drugs are not suitable for the individual. The virus

is immune to the drugs used. The sufferer has not used other

drugs properly and the virus is immune to these. The body

is suffering from toxicity of the ARV drugs used.


But we all know the body suffers from a damaged gut lining

that (1) stops absorption of nutrients, salts and water through

the walls of the small intestine and (2) allows the waste from

gut bacteria to enter the intestinal blood capillaries.






The loss of protein, glucose, enzymes, salts and water makes

the body start to die. This takes several years as the gut lining

remains in patches through which absorption still takes place.






If the epithelial lining of the gut is too far gone, ARV will not

keep the person alive. Death can follow even with ARV in

spite of the fact that the person may have been taken to the

hospital and given a drip of water, salts, protein and glucose.

Too little too late.


If the person takes the ARV early and the absorption still is

going on through the gut lining, the person will improve in

health. The protein will build up the body cells. The person

will put on weight.


The water-salt balance will go back partly to normal. All

body functions will return to a percentage of normality.


See the description in report below underlined in yellow.




But the gut lining will never be fully healed. This means

that gut bacterial waste will continue to enter the blood.

This means that the blood-brain-barrier will always be

open to allow HIV to enter the brain.


Luckily there are ARV drugs that can enter the brain.









People who have never lived through the final days of a

person with AIDS have no idea. The loved one may be

suffering various levels of dementia.


Slowly the person ceases to be the loving family member

as AIDS seizes their brains. Dementia comes when the

body systems start to die, particularly eliminating organs.

And the virus can be attacking the brain.






Early dementia can involve forgetfulness, anger and a feeling

of paranoia. People can believe that there are evil ones out

there who want to kill them. They can be violent.


Such people can believe that there are evil spirits waiting for

them. In later dementia, they will have dreams / hallucinations

that gives them terrible fears. All this is frightening other family

members, particularly the children.


In final AIDS, the person really starts to lose the mind. The

person can forget where he/she lives and go to town and

forget how to get home. The person wanders around like

a lost sheep.


A person may turn the stove on and walk away. The iron

may stay on with danger to the house burning down. In

final AIDS a mother can not be trusted with her baby.


Death comes with the person having no idea of who stands

around the bed. All of this can be made worse if the person

has spent the months before smoking and boozing.


I lived through the final years of LINDA. Her family was not

told of her infection for 3 years. Then they blamed the carer

and went into denial. They took her away, believing that this

would cure her. She died a horrible death.










We hope that we are helping those in authority, care groups,

carers and families to understand the basics of HIV/AIDS

palliative care.


Some people find problems in understanding technical terms

we use in clinical descriptions. We try to use simple words.

But more important is the practical advice.

Families should be prepared to give maximum support. The loved one will

change year by year. Families need information to know what is happening

and what will happen in the future as the loved one moves to death.










The National 5 August 2009



The new acting Director of the National AIDS Council

Secretariat has started to talk about the fact that the

AIDS message is not getting down to community and



He says that there is a long line of people who say that

they do not know.


We suggest one reason. That is because AIDS Holistics

was blocked for over 8 years by long lines of people who

have no idea whatever. The only option was to suppress

all knowledge.


It started with the AusAID advisors. The Secretary of the

Department of Health blocked. And all donor bodies kept

their knowledge secret as they did not have a clue.




Daily newspapers never publish any message from AIDS

Holistics. They do not want to offend the long line who

either do not know or had other agendas.


AIDS Holistics must conduct PHYSIOLOGY FORUMS

across the country, in newspaper, radio & TV media. The

AIDS message is not complicated. We can explain in clear

Tok Pisin.






The focus of AIDS awareness is the family and the attack

of the virus on the gut lining. This brings the need for new



We would like to sit under trees in rural areas and talk to

villages, churches, women's groups and care groups. We

could bring this nation up to speed in 12 months.









Every week now, we read a health column that

is written by member of parliament Mr Jamie



The last column was on the Ph of the body. That

is the level of alkalinity/acidity.


Mr Maxtone-Graham stresses the crucial role of

the acidity/alkalinity to the body cells and tissues.

Our body cells can not function without correct

levels of acidity/alkalinity.


Think of a garden of plants. If the soil and water

have not the right level of salts / carbonates, soil

will be too acid or alkaline. The plants will die.


So too our bodies. A key agent in damaging the

Ph of our bodies is the HIV virus. When the gut

lining is slowly destroyed, the body no longer has

salts / water absorbed through the small intestine.


The Ph of the stomach/gut/blood/tissues/cells will

slowly change preventing the passage of nutrients

and oxygen. Changed Ph slowly brings starvation

and suffocation.






AIDS Holistics looks forward weekly to columns

of Mr Jamie Maxtone-Graham MP.








In the last month, the focus of the PNG national

HIV/AIDS response has changed to a practical

focus on home based care within family.


So AIDS Holistics will now change its focus to

home based care. We have worked in this area

for 8 years now. But it is now the national focus.




We now seek to present the nation with a broad

practical understanding of the physiology of the










The latasolic soils of the tropical rainforests protect the

ecosysytem from damage with a high very rate of break

down of humus and waste material.


Latosolic clays of the Kokoda Track and the mountains

through to West Papua protect against erosion. These

are the red-orange-yellow clays that are so well known

among PNG mountain people and trekkers on Kokoda





There are those who claim trekkers damage the Kokoda

Track. This is not possible with such a thick blanket of

latosolic soil. The track is quite indestructible if the only

attack comes from boots.


We see why the villagers in this country dig the gardens

on the mountains facing downwards. If the gardens were

dug across the slope like the Chinese terraced gardens,

there would be no run-off in the latasolic soils.


The latosolic substratum consists of a deep layer of clay

decomposed over millions of years from basalt rock. We

see basalt rock on the Kokoda Track in the face of the

waterfall below Abuari village and the huge boulder on

the track between Isurava battlefield and the rest house



Clay is covered with tropical jungle and a deep layer of

humus decomposed into a layer of soil.


On the Kokoda Track and other such tracks in Asia,

Europe and the Americas, the substratum of soil and

humus has eroded down to the clay and held in place

by a latticework of tropical tree roots.


The substratum off the track can remain untouched with

the thick layer of humus and soil permanently in place but

disturbed by agriculture and logging.


The trekking industry is important to PNG and the lives

of villagers of the track. Those who carry out ecosystem

surveys have to understand that trekkers have a minimal

effect on the Kokoda Track while they attack the track

only with boots.





just those living with HIV/AIDS, says advocate Bruce Copeland . ... LATOSOLIC SOILS OF KOKODA TRACK. The latosolic soils are a distinctive group found in ...
www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/ - Cached - Similar








This report is written with a sense of relief that the gold

mining on Kokoda was stopped. And the Australian

Government is helping the villages. There are several

trekking companies who give real support.


I write this report to put all stakeholders on net with

real pressing problems facing people on Kokoda and

in every other rural PNG village.


An over-riding problem in Kokoda villages is poverty.

Australian trekkers may not realize camp site money

does not go to the village as a group.


The main fear for villagers is that their children will be

lost when they leave home and go to Port Moresby.


Girls will face a prospect of HIV infection. How else

can village girls earn money to live? And boys too will

be infected.











Recently, there was a stakeholders' meeting at which

the AIDS care community met the new acting Director

of the National AIDS Council Secretariat Mr Wep



Reports came from the meeting that he talked about

the importance of / future focus on family. He said his

door was always open.


So AIDS Holistics tried him out today. His secretary

was told we had no appointment. But his door was

always open.


True to his word, we were ushered straight in. He was

pleased to meet AIDS Holistics and told us that from

this time on, the focus is on family. He said that family

is the epicentre of the national HIV/AIDS response.


He said that we do not have to be Einstein to work out

the nation can not operate except with strong families as

the key unit in the tribes and clans.


We told him that the war with AusAID is now over. Our

President Betty Billy stresses the nation is coming together

under the banner of family, tribes and clans.


And this is the focus of the Department for Community



We are grateful to the Prime Minister of Australia for the

new rejuvenated policy of Australia in the focus on family

at provincial level.


We are grateful for the new strategy of the PNG Medical

Society in bringing together all stakeholders.


And to Australia for the new medical training programme

for the School of Medicine.






at Menari on the Kokoda Track.... The churches will focus on faith, Positive Living, ...www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/physiology_forum.htm - Cached - Similar










In view of the ongoing good-will and support of the

Australian Government, AIDS Holistics puts a motion

to the people of Papua New Guinea that:


family be the basis of the national response,


and Positive Living to be the basis of the family message,


all in the framework of human rights and gender equity,


with awareness focus on physiology, marriage and



with rights/responsibilities


and faith for believers.






just those living with HIV/AIDS, says advocate Bruce Copeland ..... Kokoda Track. Ruth was a model for Positive. Living. A great lady of dignity. ...
www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/folio3 -
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Teach responsibilities... not just rights

Teach responsibility to family...not just to themselves


















This is one of the most popular reviews on website. It is a book sold

in Papua New Guinea and originally intended for nursing training. We

are having trouble with the colour pictures.




Taken from Google. Type small intestine




667,000 hits from May 2005


Recently, we were advised by a friend that he had checked

http://www.alexa.com/ to discover this website had 6,600,000 hits.

But other advice is that this may not be so. Please bear

with us.


If not correct, it is the only inaccurate information on the

Positive Living website. So we will remove the advice until

further confirmation.









In recent weeks, a company called AT projects has made public

their kits for HIV sufferers that included a portable shower and



Mr Steve Layton courteously defended their project in a letter

to the editor. AIDS Holistics would like to respond politely to

his letter.


Over recent years, gloves are being used more in AIDS care.

At 3 Angels Care, the cleaners would wear gloves to sweep

the floor and take out the rubbish.


It was as if the PLWHA at 3 Angels Care were depositing

the virus all over the centre. The poster tells us that we will

not catch HIV by hugging, kissing, using utensils and sitting

on the same seats....but gloves are needed.


Glove users misunderstand importance of skin in protecting

the body from germs and viruses. Nurses in hospital often

use gloves to protect patients from infection from the nurse.


There is no reason why the PLWHA for most of their lives

that remain should not have normal hygiene. They use toilets

as before. They wash in the washing areas of the settlements,

carrying buckets of water with or without a portable shower.


My son and his mother were dying of AIDS up to 2002 and

2003. Linda was HIV positive. For 9 years of 10 1/2 years

she cooked, looked after the children and kept herself clean.

My son needed his nappy changed daily often by his father.


There were no gloves in our house. Gloves are a breach of

confidentiality. Neighbours and visitors will see the gloves

and guess why.


Dr Woodruff advises that only in the final few months does

the PLWHA lose control of faeces and urine through break

down of brain and spinal column.




Mr Layton needs to know that any carer who wants gloves is

sadly misinformed. The person needs to be reassured that they

are mainly safe from infection.


Village toilets are usually pits with a hole. Urban toilets can be

cleaned with a brush. PLWHA do not usually vomit. If they did,

the HIV virus is not present in the stomach.


PLWHA in final stages have chronic diarrhoea. Perhaps gloves

may be needed. But the urine and diarrhoea on the floor can be

cleaned with bucket and mop.


Gloves stigmatize and breach confidentiality.








There has long been a debate about circumcision protecting the

man from HIV infection. We explain in terms of the two doors.

One is shut with proper medical circumcision. The other is shut

by having no cuts, sores, rashes and STI infections.


Our message seems to be correct. There is one view expressed

that if the penis is washed after sex, the virus will be spread as

it needs fluid. It will enter the mucosa and langerhan cells inside

the foreskin.



AIDS Holistics explains the issue with the analogy of three doors

 the penis that have to remain closed. If any door is opened, the virus

is able to ...www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/report5.htm -

Cached - Similar

More results from www.geocities.com »


It will not be spread if hit with the water from a garden hose. The

argument raises a question of the effect of cold water or hot water

on the virus. Even if it is not killed, it can be swept away by the

force of water. Nothing ventured - nothing gained.





What of a woman? She has the mucosa cells in her vagina. If she

is far from a doctor who can give her the ARV rape drugs, what

if she sits in a river and flushes cold river water through her vagina?





What if she put the house garden hose into her vagina and gives a

full blast for 5 minutes. The virus is in sperm fluid. It will be swept

out of the vagina.


The Google reports can be found by typing penis mucosa. Please

note that AIDS Holistics has a mention on Google on circumcision.





Signs & Symptoms of HIV / AIDS

Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV AIDS Some people experience signs and symptoms of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), as soon as they become infected, ...
menshealth.about.com/od/conditions/a/HIV_signs.htm -
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Forum on Safe Sex and HIV Prevention: Dick Docking and Penis ...

Home Page for TheBody.com, the Complete HIV/AIDS Resource ... side-along rubbing and penis docking any more because `it's rubbing of mucosal tissues. ...
www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/.../Q194663.html -
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  1. How does male circumcision protect against HIV infection?

    This raises questions of how HIV enters the penis and why men who are uncircumcised ... In contrast, the inner mucosal surface of the foreskin is not keratinised15 .... The HIV/AIDS situation in mid 1996: global and regional highlights. ...
    www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1127372 - Similar
    by R Szabo - 2000 - Related articles -
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  2. Google Answers: HIV

    ... can spread to the rest of the body through the penis's mucosal linings. ... BMJ 1992; 304:809-13 Source: King County, Wash., HIV/AIDS ...
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    There has never been a more confusing subject in the world HIV/AIDS response than ... to become the penis. The mucosa cells of the male are in the foreskin. ...
    www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/report5.htm -
    Cached - Similar








Over the last two months, there have been changes in the

relationship between Papua New Guinea and Australia

on HIV/AIDS. First Mr Duncan Kerr Minister for the

Pacific came up and talked about the need for accurate



Let us hope he was responding to the AIDS Holistics

website that had been focusing on errors in AusAID

sponsored awareness.


Sir Michael Somare met in Canberra with Mr Kevan

Rudd, Australian Prime Minister with the result that a

new arrangement on consultants was agreed on. There

was to be more focus on the provinces in distribution

of aid money.


Mr Murray Proctor Ambassador for HIV arrived to

visit the highlands in company of the Head of AusAID.

He attended the opening of a church HIV/AIDS centre

and talked of the importance of the church in health of

the nation. When will the Ambassador for AIDS pay a



Does this mean that all the old corruption and bullying

by AusAID officers is at an end? Will churches now be

funded to promote a family message?


Is the hatred and discrimination against AIDS Holistics

at an end building up from banning by AusAID officers

in 2001-2.


Will the consultancy companies ACIL and Burnet be

charged together and separately with fraud and the

mismanagement of funding money in promoting an

unlawful gay/lesbian message instead of a family



Or are AusAID gay and lesbian officers still in charge

but restrategized to be more discrete in promoting the

anti-family and anti-faith agenda?


We all want equity for women and elimination

of violence for men, women, boys and girls.


Most of us want families to be strong with strong

marriages and parenting of children. Gay/lesbian

advisors want weak families, weak marriages with

weak parenting and weak family values.


Then it will be all the easier to take boys and girls

home to bed.


AIDS Holistics will keep the nation informed.









Are you gay or lesbian? Do you want a good

night out? Come to our disco at the Shady

Rest hotel Port Moresby starting at 6.30pm

on Sundays.


If you are an older gay or lesbian, you may

find a young boy or girl. Take your new love

home for the night. We do not save children.

We just save them for older gays / lesbians.


Paedophiles do not worry about police. We

have been cleaning police station windows

and scrubbing betel nut off their walls. The

police love us.


Run by Chris of Save the Children PNG









Cry in the wilderness


Over the last 30 years, there has been an HIV/AIDS

pandemic across the world. And we all thought it was

a gay plague.


So for the first decade or more, we allowed gays and

lesbians to mount the response to the pandemic. And

that put them in positions of control.


They took over and never gave the control back to the

Governments of the world. They were clever and put

themselves in control of funding.


So we are still stuck with gays and lesbians in control.

But they have laid down the entire message to suit the

gay/lesbian agenda.


The agenda is anti-family. Gays / lesbians want a new

world order in which the traditional family is no longer



Men no longer have family roles. Boys / girls no longer

have families. Boys and girls belong to gays /lesbians

who want the word paedophile removed from usage

in western culture.


So the propaganda of gays and lesbians is based on

human rights for boys and girls to reject their families

and gender equity only for women and girls.


The world wants rights and equity for all. But gays /

lesbians want to exclude men and families.


And so, PNG faces an AIDS pandemic controlled by

foreign gays and lesbians. AusAID advisors are gay

and lesbian. Burnet advisors are gay and lesbian.


UN organizations are all gay and lesbian. So too is

Save the children. And all are anti-family.


We have the damning evidence of a book prepared

in this country by foreign gays and lesbians that has

excluded men and placed exclusive focus on rights

of women. And it is called Introduction to HIV and





They even conducted an awareness campaign in three

military bases of the PNGDF and excluded awareness

of soldiers from the training objectives. Only women,

boys and girls.


The gays and lesbians are not in the least interested in

the physiology of HIV/AIDS only the rights of women.

The teaching of AIDS physiology has now become the

exclusive role of AIDS Holistics.




Gays and lesbians involved in HIV/AIDS responses will

have a separate message for the young gays and lesbians

who are denied access to the basic knowledge. Advice

will not be given on the gay lifestyle infections hidden as

opportunistic infections.


Gays suffer from damage to the anus by which the lining

is torn by insertion of the penis. They suffer from parasite

infection by the coccidian gut parasites that destroy the

epithelial cells of the gut lining. This is all secret.





Care groups / churches know that if they actively promote

family they will not be funded by AusAID and the UN that

is very much controlled by gays and lesbians.


AIDS Holistics was banned by AusAID gays and lesbians

in 2001 once they saw that family was to be our focus. So

now we have nothing to lose by speaking out. We will see

them in hell.











The National - Letter to editor - 20 July 2009

by Robson Taotao



The Pacific Adventist University has abided by the

Seventh Day Adventist principle of health and fitness.


Food prepared is mostly vegetarian. There is a high

level of protein from fruit and nuts, carbohydrates and

a little amount of fats such as natural oils and coconut



This is a unique diet. All students are healthy and fit.


AIDS Holistics has always based its holistic health

on writings from the Seventh Day Adventist Church.




In this age of HIV/AIDS, heart disease and diabetes,

it would be good if churches gave attention to healthy

living as we read in Scripture.









It is time to ask some very searching questions of BAHA

and find out what on earth they are doing to this nation.


Business Against HIV/AIDS (BAHA) has risen quickly

with 200 companies contributing funds and accepting a

work place policy with little input on the strategy used.


To understand BAHA, we have to understand the gay/

lesbian agenda that promotes promiscuity and opposes

family. This is strange for BAHA as its parent body is

NASFUND that sets up superannuation for families.


We remind readers that BAHA has long been opposed

to Positive Living. This is understandable from a gay/

lesbian standpoint and the fact that the founder is a man

who likes to think he starts everything. But not Positive



BAHA is very secretive about their community message.

There is never any practical advice on their website. It

is all impersonal reporting on the State of Origin and all

the companies that have a BAHA work place policy. It

may be BAHA does not want to advise the community.

AIDS Holistics does nothing but advise.


Does BAHA promote family in the work place policies?

And marriage, parenting, education, budgeting, financial

planning for families?


Are families included to learn how to look after families?

Are there workshops on home based care? Do the work

place policies promote the rights and responsibilities of

men. women, children, management, colleagues and those

with HIV/AIDS in the work place?





Or is the focus just on sex? Is it built around masses of

condoms made available to companies and government

departments. Are the condoms distributed during tea

breaks or on pay day with the cash envelop?


Years ago StopAIDS used to go to high schools and

foolishly give out condoms to students. They may well

have been responsible for thousands of students having

sexual experience before their time.


Have condom - must koap.


What is BAHA doing to workplaces across the nation?

We read that BAHA promotes counselling for couples

in work places. Are these gay couples too? How many

workers in work places are now lusting after the young

boys and girls in their work places?


Are work places becoming dating agencies and knock

shops? We once read an old saying " Never play where

you draw your pay". Has BAHA destroyed that forever?


Is sexual harrassment on the increase in work places with

the work place policies from BAHA? Are older men trying

their luck on young boy and girl employees? Your condom

or mine?


Many companies do not realize there is an alternative to the

sex-based workplace policy. There is a family based policy

that encourages workers to be responsible to their families.


But the gay BAHA workers are not interested in promoting

family based policies. It does not produce sex. The nation is

taking in water like the Titanic.


Now we read that there is large scale boozing and sex at the

State of Origin. BAHA obviously plans to have AIDS talks

at the open-air large screens. If they distribute condoms, they

will turn open air viewing into a sexual orgy.



the fact that AIDS Holistics leads the nation on all the .... Please ask AIDS Holistics to hold a Physiology Forum for your care group. Contact us on: ...
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Jethro Kloss. cover page. http://www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng. KLOSS Jethro Back to Eden. ISBN 0-940985-10-1 P.O.Box 1439 Loma Linda California 92354 ...

Questions about Intestinal Virus - Ask.com

http://www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/QuestionsII.... Sponsored Results 5 Must Have Health Tests Read 5 must have health tests! ...
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Jen and Human Biology: Unit 2 Compendium 2 pictures

Stomach and Small Intestine http://www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/stomach_smallintestine.jpg ...
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Then feel free to check out the site at: www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng. R. Renagi The Big Smoke. [Go to the top] Copyright©2009, Post-Courier Online. ...
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http://www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng/woodruffcourtenay.htm. Dementia increases as the brain loses control. of body systems. ...
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A major effect of the HIV virus in final AIDS is to destroy the water-salt balance which has a major effect on the effectiveness of tissue fluids in ...
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Feature issues:










The National 20 July 2009


It is good to read the report of a Christian work

place policy with focus on rights/responsibilities

of PLWHA workers to the management, fellow

workers, family and clients.


For too long we read of the BAHA type work

place policy with a focus on condoms. The work

place is where you get your condoms unless you

want smart condoms for smart sex at smart hotels.

Especially if you are a half-smart married man.


The BAHA work place policy has a gay/lesbian

agenda in a lack of focus on PLWHA workers'



You would think a work place policy sponsored

by a supernannuation fund would surely have a

family focus. That is why the worker takes out

superannuation. Leon Buskens knows that at

Nambawan Super.


Recently there was a Christian work place policy

unveiled for the Justice and Attorney General's

Department and introduced by Pastor Joseph



The acting secretary Ms Hitelai Polume-Kiele

made the keynote speech. She summed up by

saying " While the rights of staff and officers are

guaranteed, we are reminded of responsibilities

to work colleagues, the State and the people of



Read rights/responsibilities of PLWHA workers,

management and families below:






She highlighted that the workplace policy would

help protect officers, staff and their families from

HIV transmission.


The HAMP Act needs to include the rights and

responsibilities of the PLWHA worker, other

workers and management.


It has obviously been drafted partly by the gay

and lesbian AusAID advisors who are locked in

to rights, rights, and rights and no responsibilities

for PLWHA. And responsibilities, responsibilities

and responsibilities for management and no rights.


Life is not a free ride even for the PLWHA.







We have a website that is a key to healthy living.

It explains the importance of clean water to our

daily and long term health.




When people think they are sick, their bodies may

only be thirsty.





Open Letter to:






In the Sunday Chronicle 19 July 2009. there was a report

that Australia has an ambassador for HIV in the Pacific.

He is to visit Papua New Guinea 21-22 July and tour the

Western Highlands in company of the head of AusAID.



Mr Murray Proctor

Ambassador for HIV

Federal Government




Dear Mr Proctor,


Welcome to PNG, country of my two daughters and my

adopted country over 16 years.


As Director of AIDS Holistics, I  advise what we consider

to be gross systemic weaknesses in Australian commitment

to the national HIV/AIDS response in this country and the



(1) The official policy at the levels of  the Constitution, the

Governor General, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister,

the Department of Education, Department for Community

Development, churches and care groups is that FAMILY

is the key to the community and HIV/AIDS management.




(2) AusAID advisors have ignored this national view over

the last decade and secretly insisted that the focus should be

on women, boys and girls with men excluded. This conforms

to what we now know is the gay/lesbian agenda that is anti-

family, anti-faith & anti-men.


(3) AusAID advisors to the PNG HIV/AIDS response have

not advised. They bullied, intimidated with loss of contract

and denial of funding and generally coerced national workers

in government, churches / care groups. With AIDS Holistics,

they made the massive mistake of punishing a fellow Australian

with a son and his mother dying of AIDS.




(4) AIDS Information as supplied by AusAID advisors has been

amateurish, out of date, incorrect, incomplete and based in gay

and lesbian propaganda.




(5) AusAID officers in the national HIV/AIDS response have

shown themselves to be corrupt, incompetent, believing they

are immune to disciplinary proceedings and totally lacking in

HIV knowledge and knowledge of culture.


(6) The consultancy firm Burnet PNG has shown itself as

totally ugly Australian, arrogant and blatantly following the

gay and lesbian agenda put in place by their gay Director.

We can FAX the objectives of the HIV/AIDS project for

PNGDF in which men are excluded - Murray, Taurama

and Igam Barracks.


(7) There is enormous injustice in the national HIV/AIDS

response between the AusAID consultants paid up to

$500,000 tax free including car and house and starving

volunteers required to work as volunteers but still having

to feed their children and pay school fees.


Provincial AIDS care is failing just on this one very human

anomaly. Sack one consultant and you would feed up to

20 volunteers and improve work output.


The gays and lesbians may have the balance of power in

the Australian senate. But in PNG, they are just a scum

bag minority.


Their time will come in the Pacific when just one country

has the  courage to kick out the Australian commitment

and all the Australian hangers-on.




Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt

Teacher of Biology

Major (Australian Army -retired)

Father of a son and his mother dead from AIDS










The PNG national HIV/AIDS response is being hyjacked by

massive self-interest /corruption that ignores the life and death

needs of the community.


AusAID started corruption with employment of consultancy

firms using the services of incompetent corrupt gay / lesbian

Australian advisors with remuneration packages of more than

$500,000 including house / car.


Most arrived in country with limited knowledge of HIV/AIDS

but a mandate to bully PNG doctors and treat them like office



But then any white person knows much more than a blackfella

doctor. There is a touch of the Southern American cotton fields

among Australian consultants. Uppity niggers are not whipped.

They have their contracts terminated.


Australian consultants ignore the high degree of  professionalism

in the PNG medical profession. Many doctors have no need for

foreign consultants.


Their agenda focused on boys and girls and was hostile to the

family and husbands/fathers. All men were bastards. That was

the lesbian starting point.


Advisors did little or no research. They were not qualified. But

they did ban blackfellas from opening websites and doing their

own research. Gay and lesbian qualifications rested between

their legs.


AIDS Holistics as lone NGO did all the physiological research

and was hated / blocked by fellow Australians.Over the years,

the blocking was carried on by Dr Clement Malau first as the

Director of the National AIDS Council Secretariat. Then as

Secretary for the Department of Health. He was first elevated

by the gay Minister for Health. Then he returned the favour.


The PNG HIV/AIDS response was hyjacked by a succession

of gays and lesbians - Cox, Watson, Walker, Boden, Barter,

Toole & Mitchell. They promoted promiscuity with condoms.


Modern research now focuses on the attack of the HIV virus

on gut lining with damage to metabolism of nutrients, infection

of blood by gut bacteria, opening of the blood-brain-barrier

to allow HIV into the brain, loss of protein, glucose, water &

salts. Some ARV drugs harm the operation of liver, kidneys

and mitochondria of body cells.


HIV management in Australasia a guide for

clinical care. Hoy J & Lewis S (Ed)


But AusAID lesbians decided to have their own book that

was a disgrace to Australia. It was full of errors, omissions

and lesbian propaganda. They ignored research on HIV

that was on Google for 5 years.




Malau recently spoke to The National saying HIV/AIDS

was everyone's business. What a hypocrite. It is only the

business of gays/lesbians. The rest of the community does

not matter.


Now that gay Barter is Chairman of the National AIDS

Council, the gays think they have won and are becoming

cheeky. Save the Children now holds gay and lesbian

nights to let boys and girls meet older gays and lesbians.


This is the work of gay Chris who is Director of Save the

Children. When that organization makes public statements,

the involvement with boys, girls and paedophiles is never



Still they are keeping the police happy by cleaning police

stations, scrubbing walls and raking grass. What lovely

supporters of paedophiles.


AIDS Holistics research comes mainly from up-to-date

clinical textbooks. This research and more to come is

timeless. The nation has to come back to this research

in the end.


Understanding of the attack of the virus on the gut lining

has massive implications for treatment. ART has to begin

much earlier than originally believed as the gut lining is

destroyed within 2 weeks of infection.





Repair of the gut needs ART to reduce the viral load in

blood to zero to stop further destruction of the gut and

nutrition to provide the building blocks for all cells of

the body including the gut lining. There is a chemical

in gut bacteria that opens the brain to HIV infection.





But the gays/lesbians and the newspapers ignore all this.

They have an agenda that does not involve helping the



Gays and lesbians know better than take Court action

for defamation. The guilty stay silent. Any Court case

would open gay/lesbian involvement across the nation.









AIDS Holistics expresses respect for the Medical Society

of Papua New Guinea. We pledge support for the work of

doctors in this nation..


We are not doctors with no clinical experience except work

in giving basic support to several people dying of HIV/AIDS.


But much of our work in HIV/AIDS awareness is based on

our understanding of Biology and the writings in clinical texts.

In recent times, we based much of our work on the clinical

text below:


HIV management in Australasia a guide for

clinical care.

Hoy J & Lewis S (Ed) 


We have based our work on clinical texts as follows: ARV

toxic reactions, coccidian gut parasites, HIV in gut, genitals

and the path of the virus in the lymph system, attack of the

HIV on the gut lining, lactic acidosis, hepatic steatosis, HIV

in the brain and ARV that penetrates the brain, dementia &

effects of ARV on the cellular mitochondria.


Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt

Teacher of Biology

AIDS Holistics









Recently, we received an email from a person expressing

deep criticism of AIDS Holistics and what she saw as our

discrimination against expatriate gays and lesbians.


The claim was made that we are slaughtering millions of

God-fearing and loving gays / lesbians across the world.


She was horrified that we should be talking of snuff movies.

She said her husband nearly vomited on reading our report

of the man demanding a snuff movie in which a child was

killed. So did I.






She did not accept the role of AIDS Holistics in educating

the community. Our snuff report was featured as the basis

of an editorial in The National daily newspaper in PNG.


Pornography and the making of blue movies is starting to

be a growth industry in this country.


She claimed decent people reject a Positive Living message

that discriminates against gays and lesbians. She forgets the

issue is about these people discriminating against the church,

families and men.




If this person is Christian and accepts the Bible as the word of

God, she knows there are no God-fearing active homosexuals.

By openly practising homosexuality, they are foolishly / sinfully

laying the law down to God. They are telling God he is wrong.


A Christian also knows God's warning that habitual sinners will

reach a point of being rejected by God who will not know them



Activist gays and lesbians are using the world national HIV/AIDS

responses to take control of nations. Already in PNG, the major

AIDS organizations are in the hands of gays and lesbians.


With their anti-family, anti-faith and anti-men propaganda and the

denial of funding, they attack normal families. They promote rights

without responsibilities of boys and girls with focus on the rights to

be taken to bed.


They systematically work to dismantle major tenets of the Bible,

including spare the rod, family and marriage.


On the employment front, the day is coming and may already have

come when jobs will be open only to gays and lesbians at the hands

of gay / lesbian human resource managers. They will have an 'open

leg policy' on all recruitment and promotion.


The person writing to AIDS Holistics is an apologist for gays and

lesbians. In 1937, Adolf Hitler had apologists across the world.


He was said to be basically a good God-fearing man supported

by the Gestapo who were loving family men protecting German

families from the Jews.


What would happen in Papua New Guinea and  Pacific if AIDS

Holistics closed their website permanently and went fishing?









The National 16 July 2009



We read with horror a group in this country is giving special

equipment to families with an HIV positive family member.

Their intentions are undoubtedly good but misguided.


They have a special kit that has a portable shower, bucket,

soap, washing stick and gloves.


A person with HIV/AIDS can live a long time by looking

after body, mind and soul. At what point does the group

give this equipment to the family?


Do they believe a person goes directly to being helpless

as soon as diagnosed? This is not true and serves only to

stigmatize and frighten the family loved one.


A person living by Positive Living can go on for 10-12

years. Remember Ruth who lived on for 18 years. With

ARV drugs we can add another 10 years, provided the

person stays with Positive Living.


Why is are gloves needed? A person loses control of

bladder and bowels only in the final month or two.

Gloves are the final touch to the HIV death sentence.


Dementia is the enemy of the person with HIV/AIDS.

Read Dr Woodruff below. We read that the person

dying of AIDS loses bladder and bowel control in the

very late stages.





A person with HIV/AIDS can cook family food for years,

go to work, play sport and look after children. But they come

home to portable shower, bucket and gloves to remind them

that there are silly people out there.










Today, by pure accident, I discovered two books for PNG

schools at Theodist stationery shop. I opened both books

and was amazed that these texts covered the Positive Living

message. Wow!!



HIV/AIDS & STIs in Papua New Guinea

Health for the Pacific

Revised edition 2007

Complied by Jennifer Miller & Andrew Solien

Oxford University Press

ISBN 978 0 19 556293 4


HEALTHY LIVING in Papua New Guinea

Compiled by Andrew Solien

Reprinted 2008

Oxford University Press

ISBN 978 019555174 4


My only criticism is that the books though excellent,

did not cover the physiological aspects of the attack

of the HIV on the gut and the slow destruction of the

body systems - liver, kidneys and brain with the loss

of protein, glucose, water and salts.





If Miller and Solien are teachers, we see once again

how teachers are getting it right. Teachers educate.

Gay / lesbian AusAID and UN advisors indoctrinate.


The Department of Education is getting it right too:




It comes down to the fact that PNG teachers will not allow

a gay/lesbian agenda to be pushed on to the schools in this



Solien? LINDA came from the Sariman, Solien,

Natera line.


















Editorial The National 14 July 2009



The World Health Organization has sounded the alarm that

PNG and its Pacific neighbours must prepare to fight health

issues with a holistic approach as it is everyone's business.


It is a real scary threat and if we do not proactively devise

proper combat strategies, this nation is at great risk. That

is why we agree with Dr Malau that the fight against AIDS

is everyone's business. Everyone must do their part.


Why then has Dr Malau been opposed to the Positive

Living message over 8 years? Why is gay Chairman

of the National AIDS Council so opposed to a family



Since 2002, there has been fierce opposition to the

family Positive Living message by AusAID gays and

lesbians. Opposition will remain while the national

HIV/AIDS response is controlled by gays/lesbians.


Positive Living lives and thrives through national

care groups and churches. They do not accept the

anti-family, anti-faith, anti-man and anti-Positive

Living of foreigners and their national puppets.


If Malau talks of HIV/AIDS as everyone's business,

he is a bloody hypocrite.


The Department for Community Development has to

promote gender equity so that women lead and make

decisions. The Education Sector has to create curricula

that promote healthy lifestyles.




The Department of Agriculture should come in with ways

to grow healthy nutritious food so people eating and living

healthy lives.








While I was out of town recently there was a report in the

PNG media of a conference of homosexuals in Fiji to discuss

gay/lesbian rights in the Pacific.


There was focus on gay/lesbian rights but not on gay/lesbian

responsibilities. There is a belief in their world that whatever

they want to do is acceptable.


It is suggested that their conference agenda was to seek rights

for gays, lesbians, paedophiles, sugar daddies, makers of porno

material & snuff movies, with the right to talk dirty in chat rooms

with young boys and girls and to have under-age children allowed

to enter nightclubs and have alcoholic drinks.


They would want ratification in the Pacific for the world gay/lesbian

agenda that does not recognise families, traditional marriage and the

role of men with churches blocked in speaking out on homosexuality,

gays and lesbians to adopt children and parents to have sex with their

own children.


Lesbians would want an end to remembrance of soldiers who died

in war, with recognition that soldiers are rapists. They would demand

that rape of women in war be part of remembrance on ANZAC Day

with the downgrading of the Kokoda ethos of sacrifice by men.


Paedophiles would want free access to schools, boy scouts, girl guides,

boys and girls church choirs, orphanages and children in care.


And gays/lesbians/paedophiles want to intimidate Pacific governments

into believing that the UN is the world authority on rights for all. It may

be that Pacific expatriate gays and lesbians are under pressure.










Post Courier 10 July 2009 Bola Noho



I was kicked out of my job because there was no work

place policy to protect a HIV victim., says Fio Unnagi

of the Anglicare Stop AIDS.


Mr Unnagi who is a voluntary counselling / confidential

testing officer, is also a positive advocate at Anglicare

Stop AIDS. He says that the work place policy was all

about Positive Living.


He says that it does not mean that when you contracted

the virus today, you will die tomorrow. No it is all about

learning and living positively.


It is best to go for VCCT and know your HIV status and

live a positive life than be infected or infect others.


I have always felt sad at the negative attitudes of the

StopAIDS management to AIDS Holistics. Some years

ago, we helped this organization by conducting AIDS

awareness for them.


They took in the message and then hy-jacked it with

no word of thanks. AIDS Holistics was banned from

their premises, undoubtedly to conceal the fact that

they were using the message secretly.


From that time, there has been effort to hide the fact

that they have taken the Positive Living message. We

really do not care as long as there is respect. Positive

Living belongs to us all.


The officers are most unfriendly to us though we have

little or nothing to do with them. But they must accept

the fact that AIDS Holistics leads the nation on all the

physiological aspects of HIV/AIDS.


These include Lady Roselyn Morauta, Ms Domenica

Abo and Dr Moale Kariko who secretly rely on our

website advice.






Post Courier 10 July 2009


A village counsellor who works for Anglicare says men

should learn a lesson from killing of 4 children reportedly

by their mother.


Steven Kiap of Mul said men have been sidelining women

in making decisions and other family activities.


He said that women must have a right in marriage to make

decisions in marriage and strengthen the family unit side by

side with the father of the children.


He said that men, particularly from the Highlands, seemed to

downplay the importance of mother and wife in the family.








Report to the Global Village



A further session was held at the Christian Brethren Church (CBC)

Women's Conference, this time on the physiology of HIV/AIDS.


It was originally intended for about 20 nurses and teachers but in the

end, was attended by about 80 women.


Presentation took the form of an open forum conducted completely

in Tok Pisin, key language of Papua New Guinea. I prefer to speak

this language to explain the physiology of the body as I know I am

on the grass roots wavelength.


The session took over 90 minutes, covering a wide range of topics.

These included:


Circumcision and HIV/AIDS. There was focus on the entry points

of HIV on the penis. We also talked about the vagina. Discussion was

centred on the "doors" that open to allow entry of the virus. These are

non-circumcision, village circumcision, not allowing the wound to heal,

cuts, sores, rashes, pimples and STI infection.


I was careful to point out that proper circumcision was only door 1.

Other doors open with infections. We must not let men think that a

circumcised penis stops HIV infection.


Explanation was given of the formation of the penis and vagina in the

embryo with identical location of the mucosa cells.


We talked of why a married couple can have one person HIV positive

and one HIV negative. It is all about all doors being closed for the HIV

negative partner. Condoms still have to be used.


I explained how an HIV positive man or woman will have a heavy load

of HIV in the genitals.



STIs and HIV. The STIs of the vagina and penis attract CD4 cells of

the body. The CD4 cells attract HIV. So any person with STI infection

will have a high concentration of HIV in the genitals.



Viral attack on the small intestine. With aid of the blackboard, the

participants were shown the action of HIV in blood in passing from the

artery into epithelial lining of the gut, destroying the lining of the villi and

allowing gut bacteria to enter the blood and nutrients, salt and water

blocked from passing through the gut lining into the blood.


Taken from Google. Type small intestine

& villi. The virus destroys the outer epithelial

layer of the villi of the small intestine.


See the diagram on the right. The virus passes

out through the blood vessels and destroys the

outer cells. The function of the villi is to increase

the surface area of the small intestine. But HIV

destroys the surface area preventing absorption

of nutrients.





The bacteria in the intestine passes through the gut lining in the first few

weeks of infection, possibly causing fever and breaking down the gut

lining. Treatment with ARV should be sooner rather than later.




There were many questions asked and many women went away with

clear understanding. It is a shame that such topics are ignored by the

National AIDS Council. They are desperate not to give any credibility

to a lone Biology teacher from AIDS Holistics.


Stupid people. You would think that at least they would go away and

research the topics. People are dying out there.



Childbirth and HIV.  We discussed need for an HIV positive mother

to be taking ARV drugs before childbirth. This means that the viral load

in the blood was zero at the time that the baby came down the birth canal

covered in mother's HIV infected blood.


A nurse advised that ARV should start at 27 weeks.



Breast Feeding and HIV. This raised much interest and questions. It

brought into focus the mother to be on ARV past the birth of the child.

Breast feeding has danger from infection with mother's HIV. So ARV

treatment must go on through breast feeding.


One nurse would not believe that the ARV reduces the viral load of the

blood to zero. We agreed to go back to our sources. This will have an

impact on the advised need to breast feed for only 4 months and move

to solid foods.


The nurse was confused. She thought that the virus is still in the body

which is true. But the ARV can reduce the virus to zero in the blood

but not in the body. There are hiding places for the virus.


We discussed older children being infected by sharing breast milk and

having colds, flu, teeth cutting and teeth falling out with infected gums.


I talked of a woman who had 5 HIV positive children, possibly the

result of small children seeking breast milk. A 9 year old child would

have caught the virus at 3 years old. So too the 7 year old child and

the other children.


Rape and HIV. We talked of the problems of rape. The women were

amazed to find they can obtain early treatment for rape where the man

is HIV positive. They go to the doctor within 12 hours and seek ARV

treatment to take place over 28 days against the possibility of the man

being HIV positive.


We discussed the fact that there are so many women not within range

of a doctor or hospital. I raised the scientific fact that the virus is fragile

in dry, cold and heat. What if the woman quickly fills her vagina with

cold water? Read below: We have to help these women.






At the first session, I met Mr Les Loader an CBC missionary. He

had heard me tell the women that as a small boy on a farm outside

Brisbane, my brothers and sisters were taken to Sunday school by

a CBC man who devoted every Sunday to bring faith to the local

farm children.


His name was George Cruickshank. Mr Loader told me he passed

on many years before. I asked him to contact his children Roselyn,

Lindsay and Keith.


I would like them to know that after all those years, I am putting

something back. The wheels of life turn slowly.




Please ask AIDS Holistics to hold a Physiology Forum for your care

group. Contact us on:


[email protected]










Recently, I addressed the CBC church women's

conference on Positive Living. This was great as

there were women from all over the nation.


Up to now, I have addressed the Erima church

from the pulpit as one of their regular guests. It

is good that some people have heard the Positive

Living message as much as 8 times.


I talked about my own family with HIV/AIDS,

the mistakes we made, nutrition, exercise and

health within family.


I talked of the enemies of a family message and

suggested that it is the job of churches to focus

on how to strengthen family.


I talked of how women can protect themselves

and baby by taking ARV before and after birth.

ARV after birth helps reduce the virus in breast



I also talked of how women protect themselves

after rape. This gained much comment after the

talk as all women at the conference had never

heard of such advice.






This is the second women's conference at which

the Positive Living message was a keynote topic.

The other was the women's conference of the

Church of the Nazarene.


This is the second talk to a church group in a

week. The first was to Seventh Day Adventists

at Menari on the Kokoda Track.


It seems that the gays and lesbians will focus on

human rights with none for men, gender equity

for women only, paedophilia and condoms.


The churches will focus on faith, Positive Living,

family, marriage and parenting.








The nation has been shocked by the killing of

four children. Perhaps no-one has concluded

the obvious.


What if the woman was HIV positive with one

or more of her children? The village blamed her

for infection.


She had nowhere to go. She was desperate so

killed her babies. She could see that there was

no hope with husband's family abusing her.


And if this be so, the story can never be told

due to the confidentiality of the HAMP Act.

If so, it is time for compassion.











In recent months, my daughters have given me an

order that has to be obeyed. I am not to go to town

to buy them clothes. They say that I have no dress

sense. They have to go with me.


This is from a 12 yr and 11 yr old whose idols are

all the smart young women in High School Musical,

Hanna Montana and School of Rock. They want to

marry a boy from Westlife or Back Street Boys.


The only good clothes in Papua New Guinea are in

the second hand shops. The only new clothes are

cheap Chinese rubbish.


The final insult has come this week with a new order

to be obeyed. I am not to buy my clothes without

them. They say I have no dress sense.


My daughters in Australia have never done that. If

I live in Australia, I fear they will put me into an old

people's home and forget about me.


My daughters in Papua New Guinea have turned

their dad into a strong family. Their dress sense is

much better than mine.


But to think that I have been the one who taught

them to match clothes. Rachael, do you think that

your yellow and green shirt matches your purple

and blue skirt? No daddy. Take it off then.


You must not wear clashing hot and cold colours

in skirt and shirt. Do you think a coloured skirt

matches a white shirt? Yes daddy.


You wear coloured skirts and shirts with neutral

gray or black.


This is all making us a loving family that learns as

much at home as the kids learn at school.










Child abuse is becoming a key issue in Papua New

Guinea. Focus has been on paedophile expatriates

coming to the country to visit as tourists and those

who come as contract workers in business and in



The group that has raised much concern has been

the gay/lesbian/paedophile groups come to work

in AIDS awareness and promote a message that

is designed to raise rebellious boys and girls who

will reject even good and loving parents.


Recently we have had an Australian NGO called

Child Abuse Consultancy Education and Training

(CACET Global) with  Mr Collins / Mr Hopley

who have talked about child sex tourism and the

reality that PNG and the Pacific nations are seen

as soft targets.


We are noticing increases in the number of children

who are in care. This is a concern to AIDS Holistics

in the checks and controls that are in place. It seems

that the Department for Community Development

is not involved.


Orphanages and children in care are a dream come

true for paedophiles. What are the checks on care

organizations? Are these to be registered? Are there

checks on care parents? and workers in orphanages?


How many children are now in care and already in the

hands of paedophiles? Even clergy need to be subject

to checks.


AIDS Holistics was alerted to potential abuses of care

with a threat by the gay Chairman of the National AIDS

Council to put my children into care. He is an opponent

of Positive Living and strong families.











Awake May 2009 Jehovah's Witness


The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the front

of the neck just below the Adam's apple. The thyroid has

two lobes that wrap around the trachea or wind-pipe.


It is part of the body's endocrine system that produces,

stores and secretes hormones.


Danger exists already for people suffering from AIDS.

In final AIDS, there is depletion of protein for all organs

of the body. Hormones are made of protein. That means

the function of the thyroid gland ceases in final AIDS.


Thyroid hormones regulate the rate of body metabolism,

chemical activity that produces energy. Thyroid hormones

promote normal tissue growth and repair, affect cardiac

rate and maintain production of energy for muscles and

body heat.


Thyroid hormones help liver remove excess triglycerides

and low-density lipoproteins called bad cholesterol from

the blood. Too little thyroid hormones increase the bad



Thyroid regulation begins in the area of the brain called

the hypothalamus. When the hypothalamus detects the

need for thyroid hormones, it signals the pituitary gland

at the base of the brain to release the thyroid-stimulating

hormone into the blood to signals the thyroid to get busy.


In final AIDS, depletion of protein causes depletion

of all hormones as these are made of protein. So

the systems of the body cease to operate.


The trouble is that the antibodies and enzymes are

also made of protein. So are red and white blood

cells. So in final AIDS, the body just........stops.










To understand the attack of the HIV on the body, we

have to be aware that the main centre of attack is the

gut lining in the small intestine.





The small intestine has the greatest concentration of

bacteria. These are attacked by the CD4 cells of the

immune system.


But the presence of CD4 cells attracts the HIV virus.

It means that the gut lining is the epicentre of the HIV

infection of the body.


Break down of gut lining has two effects on the body.

It also breaks down the epithelial cells of the gut lining

preventing the metabolism of nutrients particularly the

glucose and protein.





It also causes the entry of the bacterial waste into the

capillaries of the small intestine. See the diagram in the

document above of the villi of the small intestine.


Breakdown of the epithelial layer is also caused by the

coccidian gut parasites that enter the body in human and

animal faeces through the mouth. Gay men can suffer this

as the result of licking the anus of a sex partner.


In the bacteria of the gut is a chemical known to enable

HIV to break through the blood-brain-barrier and enter

the brain.





So the old story of the virus entering blood and attacking

the CD4 cells and causing the viral load to rise and CD4

count to drop with opportunistic infections and death is

quite simple minded and 20% of the real picture.


Our focus has to be on the small intestine with fresh water,

fruit and vegetables, ARV and healing of the gut lining with

no rubbish meat, smoking and boozing.









There is a very sad story on our website that has been

hidden away. It is the story of Damon Courtenay whose

family looked after him through dementia. He died of

AIDS over 20 years ago. Please read:




Dementia is still with us though reduced through ARV drugs.

But families can be devastated by a loved one with onset of

dementia and anger, violence, paranoia, delirium, hallucinations

and delusions.




Dementia has been found to be caused by destruction of

the gut lining of the small intestine and the leakage of gut

bacteria into the blood. An enzyme of the bacteria has

been found to allow the HIV to gain entry through the





As well, Dr Woodruff has given detailed understanding

of the symptoms of the onset of dementia.




Dementia has several causes. Old people have dementia

from slow decay of the brain. Alzheimer's disease brings

dementia. And people in the final stages of HIV/AIDS.


LINDA no longer belonged to my family once dementia

set in. She was violent, paranoid with delusions and

hallucinations. She was living in another world of fear

and terror.













Post Courier 11 June 2009


There are many websites in the country but Bruce Copeland's AIDS

Holistics online site is one of the best PNG sites.


The website attracts more online surfing traffic hits than even the PNG

Government official site and all the other business websites put together.


Mr Copeland's website is a very useful tool and can be used by students

or anyone in their search for AIDS-related information.


The site advises on many things that our community needs to know about

including some of the best ways to counter spread of AIDS in this country.


Some anti-AIDS campaigners / stakeholders in PNG have indirectly used

useful material taken from the website to use in training programs. Bruce

says this is a good thing as it further spreads the positive learning message

in the community.


The site contains very wide ranging, informative and interesting aids related

to topics for the community. AIDS like corruption is in many forms as the

Public Enemy.


Mr Copeland's strategies use the principles of the "Positive Living" message

and is a powerful and effective concept. The site is tops so browse through

on www.geocities.com/aids_holisticspng.




The Big Smoke





August 2007


My daughters are Rachael (10 years) and

Lisa (8 years). Both remember vividly many

events of the last four years. They are very

well spoken and clever girls.


The word was put around we were a family

of violence / abuse coming from me. False

reports made by gay advisors and PLWHA.


LINDA was demented with HIV/AIDS. My

daughters do not remember earlier times in

2000-2001 when LINDA was kind.


My daughters can be asked the same

questions independently. The same

basic questions were put  in the office

of team leader Ms Cheryl Kelly.


What do you remember of LINDA?


Lisa: She was never nice to us. If I

came to stay on the weekend, she

would beat me. She hated me.


Rachael: She was always hitting us.

If I went to stay with mummy on the

weekend, LINDA would beat me.


Why did you not tell me?


Rachael: She told us she would

beat us if we told our dad. We

were frightened of her.


Did she smoke and drink?


Lisa: Yes.

Rachael: Yes.


Why did your father not know?


Lisa: She said if your father finds out,

I will hit you. Rachael bought cigarettes

for her every day at the store. To stop us

from swimming, she cut up our swimmers

with scissors.


Does your father beat you?


Lisa: No

Rachael: No


Did your father look after LINDA?


Lisa: Yes. good food. You gave her



What frightened you at 3 Angels Care?


Lisa:  They were always fighting with

my dad. The man knocked you down

in the street. They were trying to take

me from you. You helped them. You

gave medicine to the lady. They hurt

our dogs.


Rachael:  Too many sick people. They

tried to take me away from you. They

threatened to stab you. They knocked

my dad down and kicked him. Maura

talked to her boyfriend about stabbing

you. One night Margaret brought four

men to her room. She gave me food

and told me not to say anything to

my dad.


Linda was demented and violent in the

last year of infection with HIV/AIDS.






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